Visit Curitiba and take home amazing pictures of you!

Travelling can also be a synomim for pictures. The good moments are kept in our memory, but with pictures we have such moments forever! It is so nice to look at pictures after a while and remember details of the trip. Today almost everybody takes pictures with the cell phone or digital cameras.


But not everybody has the “eye” of a good photographer to capture the best angle or the result is not what you expected. Or you are travelling for the first time to that place and don´t know which places are better for pictures. Or you only take pictures of the landscape, of the other people or the famous selfies that do not show the place so well. Or even worse: you put a great effort to make nice pictures of the others, but the other person travelling with you is not a good photographer. The other alternative is to ask strangers to take pictures of you. No matter what, the result hardly is what you expect.


In Curitiba, that might be different.

What about to book a sighseeing tour with professional photo shoot? Your guarantee of great pictures to register this moment of your life. And you will visit the city while the photo shoot – a very nice and complete tour!

Visit Curitiba + Photo Shoot! Invest in your travel experience (and it is not so expensive!). Many studies have proven that happiness is much bigger through experiences than through material things. And it makes sense! Experiences are parto f your identity and personality.

fotógrafo-curitiba-ensaios-profissionaisThe professional photo shoot can be booked according to availability. As we know that it is tiring to pose as a model, the photo shoots take about 2 hours and then the tour goes on. We reccommend to take the pictures downtown, at  old town or Centro Cívico. In these regions there is a great variety of places and backgrounds for amazing pictures. They will have urban style and the photographer has a great eye and takes pictures that look very natural according to your personality!

visit-Curitiba-photo-shootThe photographer is young and has a very good perception of the best angles and backgrounds of the city – you will have very nice pictures to take home! We have tested the service with two couples that had never made a professional photo shoot to know how the experience was:

“It was our first photo shoot and we were very curious to know how it would be, but also very shy. We did not know what to do. We wanted spontaneous pictures, and so the photographer asked us to talk and act naturally, as she was not there. We got more confidente and the pictures were amazing, just like we wanted them to be! I reccommend very much this service for people who want to register special moments with the quality of a professional photographer.” – Janaína and Anderson.

ensaio-fotográfico-curitiba-com-passeio“When I travel I like to take pictures of the moments and experiences of the trip. But when you travel as a couple, most of the pictures are selfies. With this photo shoot, the experience was different: I was impressed as the landscapes and the urban backgrounds were explored. It was the first time we had a photo shoot and the pictures where beyond our expectations. Now we have great pictures with Curitiba as background to keep, print and remember! Pictures that mix us with the city are much better than any selfie we can take.” – Caroline and Diogo.

centro-histórico-curitibaThe professional photo shoot is part of two different tours:

In this 4-hour tour, our guide will pick you up at your hotel or centrally located adress. The photographer will wait at a central point to start the photo shoot. The photo shoot will take 2 hours and after that you will visit other beautiful places of Curitiba. As it is a private tour, you can visit the places you prefer – just talk to the guide. The departure times are 9am and 2pm.

This is a more complete sightseeing tour that starts with the 2-hour photo shoot. The tour after the photo shoot is very complete and includes the Botanical Garden, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Pope´s Woods, the Panoramic Tower, a lunch in Santa Felicidade, Tingui Park, Tanguá Park, Wire Opera House and Unilivre. The departure time is 9am and finishes at 6pm.

Did you like the idea? Do you want nice pictures in Curitiba as well?

Contact us to book your tour with photo shoot! Be sure that you will have great pictures of you and your trip to Curitiba.

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Photos: Karla Vizone to Special Paraná