Romantic trips: tips to surprise your loved one

Traveling is always good, and if it is with your loved one, it can be even better. It is a moment only for you both, leaving routine behind and with time to talk, visit new places and rest.

We talked to Maria Marta Ferreira - psychologist -, of Psicobela, and she says: "we should not miss opportunities to show the importance of the people we are with. Of the many ways to do it, "devoting time" to them and to the person we love is one of the most important ones". And a trip can be the perfect opportunity for that!

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Romantic trip: a special moment for the couple to escape routine. Photo: Caroline Kwasnicki

According to Maria Marta, our warmest desires can be also a place of difficulties if we are not prepared. Total attention is very rare nowadays, and maybe because of the lack of attention we do now allow the best things in life to happen, the ones present in our close environment are also the most vulnerable ones.So, the first step is "do not take it for granted"; have your relationships as priority. It may be with your parents, your kis, partners or friends.

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According to the specialist, "devote time" to the loved person is one of the most important ways to show we care. Photo: Caroline Kwasnicki

To Maria Marta, nowadays, social media is often used to show affection, but sometimes "it is more for the outside world than for the inside of the relationship", that means that sometimes we tell the social media what we should say in private. A romantic trip may be a good idea! "Walking in a park or a special lunch can have new meanings when we have an action plan crowned by a special trip. They are always a good chance to turn the routine off and focus the person we love", so the psychologist telled us.

The specialist also warns: "a trip can begin a new cycle and end others, can be good to reconnect, but do not try to save something already lost slowly". For the winter days, a nice tip - "winter is a season good for thinking, carries inspiration for caring, winter clothing invites for hugs, gloves warm the hands for gentle touches and blue sky or rain fall can be an invitation to celebrate life".

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"A walk in the park or a special lunch can have new forms when we plan a trip", so says Maria Marta. Photo: Caroline Kwasnicki

We at Special Paraná have prepared a few tips for you, valid for fresh started couples and want to know each other better during a trip, or for people in long relationships. We hope the suggestions help to plan some nice moments in your next romantic trip!

  • At the hotel or guesthouse

The up scale hotels or guesthouses use to have tailor made services and you can ask for help to organize a surprise for your special one. It can be a note with chocolate on the bed, a bottle of wine or champagne waiting for you, or a flower bouquet with a card or the room may have a decoration for you. Call and check the options and prices before you order. Be sure it will be nice to organized something different! And do not forget a good gratuity for the person who helped you.

  • Get info about the cultural offer

What about to watch a good show or a theater paly with your special one? Know before what is been shown and get tickets. Memories of good shows and plays last forever!

  • Unusual activities

A trip is nice to leave routine behind. What about to enjoy this moment for both to do activities that include emotion and some adrenalin - if both like it, of course! Diving, hiking, waterfalls, paragliding, rafting... many options! Check out what is available there. Be careful to avoid things the include competition.

  • Plan moments just to relax

Leave a lazy morning to wake up late and have much of each other before starting the day. Leave moments to talk or even sleep very late with nothing to do the next day.

  • Plan a special dinner

A nice place, different food... Recipe for good moments. We have a list of romantic restaurants in Curitiba for your choice.

Interview with Maria Marta Ferreira - psychologist at Psicobela.


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