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Beto Carrero / Penha – SC
Beto Carrero / Penha – SC
Perfect for elementary and high school

The biggest theme park in Latin America is close to Curitiba - fun guarantee for your school group! Many options for a fun day: rollercoasters, shows, theme areas and much more! Plan ahead to enjoy the School Party, uma festa exclusiva que acontece na Ilha dos Piratas após o fechamento do parque. 2000 formandos em uma festa com muita música e diversão! Datas exclusivas – consulte-nos.

Aguativa Resort / Cornélio Procópio – PR
Aguativa Resort / Cornélio Procópio – PR
Great for kids 14 years old and older

Aguativa has a very complete infrastrucutre for a prom tour. It is one of the best country resorts in Southern Brazil in an area surronded by nature and warm mineral water. It has 11 pools and 3 sliders. The enternainment team is there for your safety and fun. There are theme parties and adventure activities to round up the fun.

Ilha do Mel – PR
Ilha do Mel – PR
Good option for kids from 13 years old

Atlantic Rain Forest, history and geography in a single tour in Paraná´s coast? Ilha do Mel can be visited all year long and has attractions for several subjects taught in class rooms: the Encantadas Grotto, Conchas Lighthouse, the Fortress, trails and observation of nature and local life. The tour can include surf lessons too - Ilha do Mel is one of the best surf spots in Paraná. A different day to unite hiking to learning.

Paranaguá – PR
Paranaguá – PR
Great for kids of elementary and high school

Do you want a place nearby Curitiba, full of pedagogical possibilities for the kids? Paranaguá was the first town in Paraná and can be worked under several aspects according to the age and goals of the school. Local history is rich and you can visit the Archaological and Ethmological Museum of UFPR, located in the former jesuite school, facing Itiberê River. The historical downtown has churches, old houses and Portuguese architecture. The local aquarium can also be visited. A boat tour is an opportunity to see a part of the port and understand a bit about import and export.

Lapa – Cidade Histórica – PR
Lapa - historical town - PR
Option for kids up to 11 years old

Paraná´s and Brazilian history, geography, cultural and gastronomical traditions together with religiosity in a single tour? Possible in Lapa! Lapa looks like a scenic town and will please school groups that will learn there history and geography in a field class. Founded by cattle rangers, Lapa keeps its architecture and culture until today. Kids will visit the museums, theater and churches and will learn about the Federal Revolution. There is still the Monk´s Grotto, with stone formations and place of folk tradiitons.

Passeio em Curitiba – PR
Tour in Curitiba - PR
Excellent for all ages

A different tour for each subject and age according to the length of the tour. Curitiba has a wide range of great spaces to visit and see live subjects taught at school. There are several museums, parks and cultural centers. The range is varied. Here some example: Holocaust Museum, Natural History Museum, Paranaense Museum (local history), Drug Prevention Center, Indigenous Arts Museum, German Woods, Polish Woods, Zoo, etc. Conte-nos seus objetivos com os alunos e montaremos a programação adequada.

Reserva Serelepe / Quatro Barras – PR
Reserva Serelepe / Quatro Barras – PR
Great for kids up to 10 years old

Atlantic Rain Forest and learning activities for the younger kids? Here it is! Reserva Serelepe has 100 hectares of native woods and was planned to be reference for studies and environmental conciousness. The place has different areas: a butterfly complex, the Indian house, the Birds observatory, the Track house, ecological trails and a recreational area. The idea i to offer environmental education in a funny way.

Vila dos Animais / Campina Grande do Sul – PR
Vila dos Animais / Campina Grande do Sul – PR
Great for kids up to 10 years old

A funny day with contact to animals in a farm - what about it? Vila dos Animais was carefully planned to be a place where city kids can see how it is like in a rural ambiance. The activities are fun: cuddling and feeding animals, horse riding, collecting eggs, see cows, a ride in a tractor and other things. A different day full of new impressions for the kids.

Rancho Caminho das Águas / São José dos Pinhais – PR
Rancho Caminho das Águas / São José dos Pinhais – PR
Good option for kids up to 10 years old

Are you looking for a rural place for your school group close to Curitiba? In this place the school have work with important subjects such as: Where do the food grows? The soil as a source of food, filter and water. Who produces the food? What is organic food? Which are the farm animals and their curiosities? Where does the water come from and where does it go? Why is it necessary to keep the forest? Which animals live in the forest? A fun day full of discoveries.

Vila Velha com Buraco do Padre / Ponta Grossa – PR
Vila Velha and Buraco do Padre / Ponta Grossa - PR
Great for kids 14 years and older

Nature with some adventure - geography and geology in a field class in beautiful places! A field class to see in person concepts learnt at school. The day begins at Vila Velha State Park where nature took 200 million years to forh the scenery of today. Kids will see it was ocean bottom during the glacial era. After hiking there, time for lunch and visit to Buraco do Padre, a waterfall in the rural area of Ponta Grossa. The trail is only 1 km long and accessible for everyone. Time to visit the place and take a bath under the waterfall. Learning and fun in safe and beautiful places!

Vila Velha e Colônia Witmarsum / Ponta Grossa e Palmeira / PR
Vila Velha and Witmarsum / Ponta Grossa and Palmeira - PR
Great for kids from 10 years old

Nature and culture in the same tour for your school group? The combination of Vila Velha and Witmarsum in the same tour is very good! Vila Velha State Park is a great place for a field class about geography and geology. The stone formations date 300 million years and include a good hiking to appreciate the nature. Then visit to Witmarsum for lunch and to visit Heimat Museum, that tells the history of the settlement. Time to learn about the menonites and their reasons to move to Brazil and the challenges they faced here. An excellent field class!

Colônias Holandesas / Carambeí e Castro – PR
Dutch Settlements / Carambeí and Castro - PR
Great for kids from 9 years old

What about to show your school group the importance of the cooperatives to Paraná´s development? A field class with Brazilian and European history in the Dutch settlements of Carambeí and Castrolanda. In Carambeí, visit to the biggest historical open air museum in Brazil: the full structure of the former settlement. Constructions, a suspension bridge and channels show a bit how Holland looks like. And to round up the tour, a visit to the windmill of Castrolanda and the cultural center.

Passeio de trem e História e Geografia do Paraná / Morretes – PR
Train Tour and History and Geophaphy of Paraná / Morretes - PR
Great for kids from 6 years old on

What about to enhance the traditional train tour to Morretes with a field class about Paranás history and geography at Hisgeopar? The train tour is a classic option and very beloved by kids and teachers. Besides taking a train trip across the mountains and learn about the history of the railrod and the diversity of the Atlantic Rain Forest, it is a funny tour. In Morretes the class will also visit Hisgeopar, a place dedicated to the history and geography of Paraná. Animated puppets show the economical phases of the state, since the natives to the industrial begin. There is also a copy of Itaipy Hydroelectrical Plant, what shows well how it works.

Ekoa Park – Morretes / PR
Ekoa Park – Morretes / PR
Perfect for all ages

Do you wish to take your class to a practical sustainability activity in the middle of the Atlantic Rain Forest? Ekôa Park in Morretes is a great place for such an experience. The goal there is teaching while entertaining. Activities for different profiles: hiking in trails to see the nature and archeological aspects, workshopws with themes such as bioconstruction, reuse of materials and life on earth. Challeging activities such as zip line and tree climbing are available and there is a restaurant on spot. There is a wide range of options according to the ages and school theme.

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