Tourism in the Nature: things you should pay attention to be safe

Turismo de Natureza - Guartelá

Check out the article by an specialist in Tourism in the Nature, Dartilene de Souza e Silva. Read the valuable tips so that your activity in the nature can be safe and bring nice mermories!

The tourism in the nature enhances several activities made outdoors, such as hiking, horse riding, bike tours, tree climbing among others. It is also called ecotourism or adventure tourism, because it includes activities that "promote physical and sensorial experiences that involve challenges and measurable risks that give the sensation of freedom, pleasure and achievement" (MTur, 2005). To be in contact with the nature feeling wind on the face, looking at the landscape and challeging your own limits are rewards that such activities enable

Turismo de Natureza - Itupava
Have always a local tour guide for hikings. Photo: Jochen Schappel

The Brazil has amazing nature that includes paradise-like beaches, unique mountains, extraordinary canyons, spectacular waterfalls and five different biomas (Amazon, Caatinga (desert like), Cerrado, Atlantic Rain Forest, Pampa and Pantanal wetlands), all different from each other in fauna and flora. Paraná State has a sensational diversity with beaches, bays and islands, besides the higher lands like Guartela Canyon, from the coastal mountain range Serra do Mar to Iguassu Waterfalls - true emotion for all kinds of visitors.

Emotion is a key word for nature lovers and to have a more pleasant experience, the tour company in charge of the operation of the activities should know the risks involved and take measures to guarantee the safety of the clients during the tour.

On the other hand, the client must be aware regarding the service of the tour company. See here a list what you should check before.

What to check when you book a tour in the nature:

  • Ask for references, see if the company is legalized and has a Cadastur number.
  • Be sure to know before about the activities you would like to do and evaluate the risks of doing so or not.
  • Check if the tour company has an insurance that covers adventure activities and in the nature.
  • Be sure that the tour company uses the technical norms for the activitythat it offers and if they have a risk management system.
  • The used equipment must in in good conditions. If they seem old or wore out, they might no be appropriate.
  • Use always helm if you do not have your feet on the ground and life vests sempre que entrar na água.
  • Act accordingly to environmental rules in your adventure: do not light fire, do not contaminate the river and walk always in the trails. Bring your garbage back.
  • Check out if the first help kit is in good conditions and bring your own medicine in your backpack.
  • Be responsible, know and respect your limits
  • Drink water, take food and keep yourself warm. The best person to take care of you is yourself! (Sourche: 10 Commandments of the Adventure Concious Tourst by ABETA)

To make tourismo in the nature you will need will, consciousness and above all, responsability. It is obligation of the tour company to guarantee your safety and to preserve your life. With all that, the emotion is guararanteed.

About the author:

Dartilene de Souza e Silva - Bachelor and Master in Tourism (UFPR); Specialist in Human Resources, Planing and Business Administration. She worked from 1997 to 2006 at Ixion Geo (Rafting) and since 2006 has been working in normatives for tourism, sustainability and adventure. She works as consultant and instructor in this area.






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