Train tour to Morretes

Get here further details about one of the most booked tours in Paraná State, starting from Curitiba! It is the amazing train tour along the Serra do Mar mountain range! The railroad was opened 1885 and until today the passenger train traffics between Curitiba and Morretes daily. The railroad goes further until Paranaguá, but the passenger train´s last stop is Morretes, 40 km before, where the most beautiful track ends.

During this unmissible tour you will see the scenic beauties of the Atlantic Rainforest and will experience this remarkable railroad, that celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2015. Each piece of the tour is special and has several surprises that deserve to be seen and photographed!


The train tour to Morretes is one of the most booked tours in Paraná State! Photo: Special Paraná.

Curitisities about the train tour from Curitiba to Morretes

  • 13 tunnels
  • the train is from 1960´s, but follows a strict maintainance schedule
  • the railroad was opened 2nd February 1885 and its construction took only 5 years
  • formerly the passenger train used to travel until Paranaguá, but now its end station is Morretes, where the most beautiful landscapes end
  • the Great Brazil Express train is one of the categories and the only deluxe train in Brazil.
  • the train in the tourist category has daily departures. This category has only Portuguese speaking guide on board.
  • there is only one departure from Curitiba to Morretes: 8h15 am for the tourist and executive category (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) and 9h15 am for litorina and Great Brazil Express category (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). If you have a group of 10 or more persons, it might be possible to confirm the train tour in other categories (executive or deluxe).
  • the depature from Morretes to Curitiba happens daily at 3 pm. The return ticket is possible mostly only in the tourist category.
  • during the tour you will see the greatest portion of Atlantic Rain Forest left in Brazil

A scenic tour in the middle of the Atlantic Rainforest. Photo: Special Paraná.

  • you will see the Marumbi Mountain Range. Marumbi was the craddle for mountain climbing in Brazil!
  • the first tunnel is Roça Nova and it is the longest one and the only one without curves. Beside it there is a tunnel that has not been used since the 1960´s and was recently transformed into maturing cave for high quality sparkling wine – delicious and very interesting! The place is called Cave Colinas de Pedra.
  • for a glance you will see a chimey in the middle of the water!
  • there are three bridges crossing the Ipiranga River. From the first you will see the electriciy engine of Casa Ipiranga. Some historians say that Casa Ipiranga hosted big parties for the engineers and railroad workers. Unfortunately there are only ruins left!
  • The 9th tunnel is called “ghost tunnel” – the only one with a pedestrian way.
  • Saint John Bridge (Ponte São João) is the longest one (113 m) and almost 60 m height. Its project was Brazilian, but it was built in Belgium and braught to Paranaguá  by sea!

This is Saint John Bridge, one of the landmarks of the train tour. Photo: Special Paraná.

  • The Viaduct Carvalho is one of the most expected moments of the tour – with 86m length, it was built on 6 pillars fixed on the stones. From there you will not see the track and will have the feeling that the train flies for a glance!

Advantages to book a complete tour package

Before you book your train ticket, check the difference betwenn the categories and choose the one that fits best to your expectations and budget. Read about them with more details here. The amazing view will be the same in all categories, but what changes are the services included. It is possible to book only the tickets and arrange the rest on your own or you can book a package with several services and you will see more things than you would do by your own in the same time! The tour package in the tourist category (join-in tour) is available from Curitiba and has Portuguese speaking guide. For a small surcharge you can book the tour in the Cabin or Imperial category, with Portuguese-English guide. Check-out the advantages of a tour package:

  • The tour begins in your hotel. The van driver will pick you up in the morning – safe and comfortable!
  • When you book the complete tour, you will guarantee your return to Curitiba and will not have to worry about bus tickets or further details. Mostly the return is by Graciosa Road, that was built before the railroad. A very nice road  with many curves! You will not have the same tour by return.
  • Typical lunch in Morretes is included – you will taste the delicious “barreado”, a beef stew served with rice, cassava flour, bananas, spraws, fish and salad. Yummy!
  • A tour in Morretes and Antonina is included. Antonina is a beautiful coastal town and you most probably not get the chance to visit it by yourself. Make the most of your day-tour!
  • If you travel by car, you will all be together and no one will have to take the car and miss the train tour.
  • You can have some alcohol during lunch and no problem at all, as you will not be driving. Morretes is famous for its “cachaça” – sugar cane spirit and there is a local producer for craft beer as well. Enjoy!

Price per person from R$ 297 starting from Curitiba. The pick-up at the hotels happen from 7am to 7:45 am and you will be back in Curitiba around 5pm.  >> See details and book here <<

>> See the tour calendar here. <<


One of Antonina´s beautiful views! Photo: Special Paraná.

You can request your booking in our site or by e-mail info@specialparana.com or by phone +55 41 9935 7215. There are several other tour options and you can combine the train tour with a hiking, canoeing, boat tour among others. See the options here.

Watch our video with the main moments of the train tour and see how the train tour is. Live will be surely much better!

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Special thanks for your tour guide Ana Maria Alcidez, that helped us with the curiosities!