Train tour: car categories

Curitiba is the departure place of a great tour in Paraná State – the famous train tour to Morretes. History and beautiful landscapes enchant people from all over the world ! The train cars are from the 1960´s and there are different categories. See below further details and the description of each. The information will make your choice easy and you will book what fits best to your expectations. Read also our article about the train tour.

The train departs daily from Curitiba, not in all categories. Some of them are available only Saturdays, Sundays and holidays or for groups (prior reservation needed)! Check-out details:

Train car tourist category

This one is the main car category! 21 train cars are available for departure from Curitiba at 8:15 am (check the tour schedule for 2018 here). It is a middle-class car, with board service, one water or soda per person, snacks and Portuguese speaking guide on board. It is possible to open the windows and few cars have acryllic windows. Each car has a toilet. Feel free to bring your own food and water – it is necessary as the tour takes long and delays might occurr.


The tourist category has Portuguese speaking guide. Photo: Special Paraná

Cabin or Imperial category

These two cars are very special. The Cabin car has separate rooms for 2 or 4 persons each and a central table – very nice for families travelling with children. The Imperial cabin looks like a restaurant car from the 1930´s, with much wood and sophisticated details. There are guides who speak Portuguese and English in both of them and the board service is very good. Nice snacks like croissant with cheese and ham and a cake are served and beverages are included (water, soda and beer). You can open the windows in both cars, but toilet is available only in the cabin car. As there is only one of each, you can inform your preference in your booking request, but we can not guarantee it will be available for the wished date.


Luxury train category 

Great Brazil Express is Brazil´s only and first deluxe train! Only three exclusive cars with special decoration. One of them is named Copacabana, another is Foz Iguaçú in honor to the famous waterfalls and the newest one is Curitiba, with a more modern decoration. You will find leather seats and velvet sofás, air condition, first class catering on board and a bar.

If you are lucky, in the day you chose the might be a stop in the middle of the tour at Santuário do Cadeado to experience the rainforest better.

The board service includes sparkling wine, water, soda, beer, coffee, tee and a special snacks (croissant with cheese and ham and a cake). The guide on board speaks Portuguese and English.

Curiosity: the name “Litorina” came from Italy, from where this nice train comes from! This train model was presented for the press in the 1930´s in the city of Litto and soon was called by the press “Littorina”. The “Littorine” travelled Italy from north to the south from 1930´s on. Today, this self-motorized train is considered a rarety!


One of the deluxe litorina, the car “Foz do Iguaçú”. Photo: Special Paraná

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