8 good reasons to make a romantic trip to Curitiba

Do you wish to leave the daily routine behind and make a nice romantic trip? We are specialists in Curitiba and have a list of excellent reasons to include our beautiful city in your travel plans and make a romantic trip to Curitiba!


Enjoy your romantic trip in Curitiba!

1. Curitiba is the coldest capital city in Brazil and the lower temperatures create welcoming and elegant ambiances, perfect to enjoy as a couple.


Botanical Garden in Curitiba.

2. It is easy to arrive in Curitiba! By plane, bus or car, the city welcomes couples from all over the world every year. The airport is modern and considered one of the best in Brazil and our infrastructure is recognized worldwide.


Curitiba: a nice city to discover in a romantic trip!

3. The city has many peaceful parks and green areas. There are very famous places like the Botanical Garden and hidden spots like the German Woods or the Pope´s Woods. A good chat during a walk in a beautiful park is surely something special. Come and enjoy memorable moments with your partner in Brazil´s Ecological Capital.


Curitiba has many beautiful parks!

4. There are good hotels for all tastes and budgets! The number of hotels in Curitiba increases every year and the cost-effectiviness is awesome. Nice and well located hotels with affordable rates for your romantic trip.

5. The city has a diversified cultural life. Theaters, shows, exhibitions, museums like the beautiful Oscar Niemeyer and many events will make your stay in Curitiba one to remember. Get information before your trip and plan it. A moment with cultural touch is to be remembered forever. You can also visit our famous artesanal fair, the “Feirinha do Largo da Ordem“, every Sunday.

vida cultural curitiba

Theatres, museums, fairs! There are many cultural attractions here.

6. There are many tour options in Curitiba and surroundings. You can choose a 4-hour sightseeing tour or a full-day tour to visit the citys´s most enchanting places, a guided bike tour, the famous train tour to Morretes (there is also a deluxe version – very romantic!), the paradise-like Ilha do Mel, the impressive stone formations of Vila Velha, the charming historical Lapa, the Dutch settlements, excellent wineries, the beautiful Guartelá Canyon and much more. There are plenty of options in Curitiba to have unfortgettable time together.


Train tour to Morretes, the paradise of Ilha do Mel and Araucária Winerie

7. The food in Curitiba is awesome! There are hundreds of quiet restuants with an intimate atmosphere for a couple. It does not matter what kind of food you prefer, there are many options: Italian, French, German, Arab, fondue, Brazilian, Indian, Steak houses… The choice is very wide.


Bistrot do David, Chateau de Gazon and Zea Maïs, some romantic restaurants in the city.

8. The local bars are also very inviting. There are perfect locations for cold beer, a good glass of wine, some snacks, to listen to live music or to go dancing – there are many places to go.

Did you like the idea of leaving the stressful allday behind and come to a romantic trip to Curitiba? We have many options and can also organize tailor-made arrangements for you. Your guarantee for a trip worth to remember.

curitiba essential 2018
curitiba classic 2018
curitiba earth and sea

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