Responsible tourist

Be a responsible tourist! ?

turista responsável (1)15 sustainable tips for you to enjoy your trip:

– Always carry a reusable bag. So you will prevent much plastic from being unnecessarily discarded.

– Throw garbage only in the appropriate places. Don’t leave your garbage on the beaches or natural surroundings. Be very careful with plastic bags on the beach so they don’t fly and are ingested by marine wildlife.

– If you find any wild animals during the tour, keep a safe distance, don’t offer food to them and don’t try to approach them.

– How about taking your little bottle of water with you? Buy bigger bottles and refill your bottle. Your pocket and the environment will thank you

– Take quick baths and close tightly the taps to avoid waste of water. Just ask to change towels and bedding if it is really necessary. It helps to minimize the statistic that says that each tourist consumes almost three times more water than residents.

– Turn off the lights and always turn off the TV and the air conditioning when you leave your room. When packing, choose clothes that don’t need to be ironed, so it’s possible to reduce the energy consumption. Plus, you don’t need to worry about crumpled clothes during the trip.

– Don’t buy products that use archaeological artifacts, coral, shells, plants or animals threatened with extinction.

– Don’t give alms or encourage child labor. Don’t buy goods from children.

– Try regional dishes and drinks – they are great travel souvenirs. Attend cultural events at the place you are visiting. Book your tours with a focus on local culture.

– Practice solidarity economy. Buy a little at each place and prefer local establishments. This is a way to contribute to the job creation and increase the income of the residents.

– Don’t cut or pick flowers and plants. If you are in nature, stay on the trail in order to preserve the area. Don’t venture into nature without the guidance of an experienced guide.

– Before entering the sea, check with local people about the site’s safety instructions for swimming and necessary care. Don’t take chances in places you don’t know and don’t go into the water if you are drunk.

– Do you smoke? Carry your portable ashtray with you. Also, remember that smoking is not allowed in enclosed places such as restaurants, bars, hotels, airports and bus stations.

– Report child molestation if you notice anything like it. Dial 100! The service is daily, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Thousands of children are exploited daily and you can report anonymously.

– Avoid cosmetic and personal care products containing particles of micro-plastics, present in some toothpastes or exfoliators. These particles can’t be filtered and pollute the water.