8 Tours not to miss starting from Curitiba for you to enjoy the most

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Only in Curitiba itself there are many nice places to visit for several days - there is a lot to see and visit in Curitiba! But of course, when we travel, we want to see more!

Do you want to know which day tours you can make that are really worth it? We made a list with 8 top tours for your trip.

Train tour from Curitiba to Morretes

The railway that links Curitiba to Morretes is the scenery of one of the most beautiful rail tours in the world! The train crosses the largest preserved area of Rain Forest in Brazil - a green paradise!

Reserve a full day for this tour, so that you can visit also Morretes and Antonina - two little towns close to each other!

The train leaves normally from Friday to Sunday and in busier months, also in other days. It is important to book ahead. There are several options: you can book only the train ticket and organized your transportation back by your own or a full day tour (complete) to have nothing to worry about.

See below the video that shows the complete tour with panoramic windows and balcony (subtitles in English):

Os preços variam de R$ 135 ((only one-way train ticket in the tourist class) a R$ 435 (full day tour in the luxury class in the high season). There are special fares from +60 years old. Children up to 12 years old also pay less.

The train has different classes: from tourist to luxury! It is worth to know the differences and choose the one that fits better your expectations. Our tip is Barão do Serro Azul. with panoranic windows and balcony! Only 32 seats - you need to book ahead!

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Ilha do Mel

The most beautiful beaches of Paraná are on Ilha do Mel. The island is much more than just beaches - it is a oasis to enjoy the nature all year long! The acccess is only by boats and there are no cars or motorcycles on the island. At each step on the sand trails you will leave your routine behind and enjoy the rustic environment of the island. It is one of the favorite tours in Curitiba!

Ilha do Mel is located 120 km Curitiba downtown. From Pontal do Sul, boats leave in certain times of the day to the island (30 minutes boat ride). You will not see street vendors and do not expect loud music. Ilha do Mel is a place to rest and reconnecto to the nature.

Main attractions of the island are: Lighthouse, Fortress and the Encantadas Cave. The nicest beaches are: Praia do Farol, Praia de Fora, Praia Grande and praia Mar de Fora. Ilha do Mel is a great spot for surfing.

If you have only one day, the nicest option is to book a day tour leaving from Curitiba. There are two options: 1) with regular boats to the island (you will have time to visit a part of the island) or a tour with private boat (visit both sides of the island).

If you have more time, there are charming guesthouses on the island. Price range is wide.

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Vila Velha and Waterfall Buraco do Padre

A unmissible tour if you like nature in well-maintained and safe trails.

Vila Velha State Park and Buraco do Padre Waterfall are located in the region we call "Campos Gerais" - General Fields. Landscapes totally different than you will see in Curitiba or on the coast. Sandstones, fields, farms and green areas!

During the morning, you will visit vila Velha, known by its sandstone formations in curious forms. Hiking is easy in safe trails always with a park ranger. In the afternoon, time to visit the waterfall Buraco do Padre.

Buraco do Padre is located in the rural area of Ponta Grossa and the access is by a dirt road. The trail there is 1 km long and accessible even for whelchairs. There is a very complete snack parlor there, if you fancy something to eat.

A nice tip is to stop before at Porto Brazos! It is close and you can try the craft beer made of blueberries and other delicacies made with the fruit, such as brownies, pancakes, waffles or liquor.

The tour to Vila Velha and Buraco do Padre departs from Curitiba and happens from Friday to Sunday.

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Beto Carrero

It is a huge hit! Beto Carrero charms people of all ages. You can have fun in the roller-coasters or watch the shows! If you are in Curitiba, to include Beto Carrero in your plans is a great option.

Beto Carrero is the biggest theme park in Latin America and is located in a beautiful area of Penha, in Santa Catarina. The park is divided in areas: for smaller kids, shows like Hot Wheels, Dream Works characters like Kung Fu Panda, Shrek and Madagascar.

The history of the founder is also told there in a special place. It is worth to watch the show "Cowboy´s dream" before heading back to Curitiba.

It is possible to visit in one day, departing early from Curitiba. 200 km away and to have a pleasant day, it is good to book a seat in a van with a group or in a private tour if you prefer. Just to remind you: you need to book before! It is also possible to have a tour with an overnight close to the park.

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Dutch Settlements

A piece of Holland in Paraná´s countryside! It is worth to visit and get charmed by Carambeí and Castrolanda.

The first destination of this tour is Carambei´s Historical Park, the biggest open air history museum in Brazil. Know details and see replikas of the settlement, founded 1911 and became very prosperous. See how houses, church, school, dairy fabric and much more were back then! The place is nice and has many good spots for pictures. It is worth to make a top at Koffiehuis, the local café in the entrance. Try "Bitterballen" - beef pastry and also the pies!

Castrolanda is the next stop. Founded 1953, the settlement began very organized, even before the settlers arrived in Brazil! They brought equipment and professionals that would be useful here and made the town the Brazilian main milk producer! You will visit the wind mill - authentic like in Holland! There is also a cultural center that tells the local history and has a tractor museum. There is also a restaurant and souvenir shop.

The last stop is at Frederika´s. A charming café with savory and sweet specialties. The tour Dutch Settlements happens normally from Friday to Sunday and should be booked ahead. In school holidays or for groups, it is possible to confirm other days.

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A small town that seems from the past - only 70 km from Curitiba! Downtown Lapa is quite charming. The 19th century architecture was well preserved here. And beyond that, the city has a heroic past. A tour there is perfect for history and culture lovers! Lapa hosted an important event during a war, when the city was sieged during 26 days. The local history from the pioneer days is shown in the museums and historical places in town. Another great stop is the State Park Monge. From there you will see the landscapes with the sandstone formations. If you like to try local dishes, you should not miss "coxinha de farofa" - a local delicacy. Very yummy! Lapa day tour happens from Tuesday to Sunday upon previous booking.

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Wineries close to Curitiba: Araucária and Família Fardo

Curitiba area also produces fine wines! The boutique wineries have small patches and are focused in the quality. See here two nice options:

The Vinícola Araucária is located in the rural area of São José dos Pinhais, in a farm surrounded by trees. During the guided visit you will have a good overview about the production and also visit the vineyards. The production goes from sparkling wines to red one ones. Our favorite is Poty Nature. Labels and wine names honor aspectos of our local culture. The visit ends with the tasting of three wines while you can see the landscape. There is also a restaurante with rural, but sophisticated cuisine with local ingredients. The tours to Vinícola Araucária happen Saturdays, Sundays and holidays upon previous booking.

The Vinícola Família Fardo is located at BR-116 in Quatro Barras. The dream of the founder Ambrosio Fardo was to produce wines like his father used to in Rio Grande do Sul. So he built his winery! You will find here very attentive service and a wide product variety. The winery was built with basalt stones and you will learn about the wine making process during the guided tour. The vineyards are not located here, but the wine tasting "trinna" is very delicious. Salami, grissini, cheese and honey are included as well. A true celebration for wine lovers! The tour to Vinícola Família Fardo can be done daily upon booking.

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Serra do Mar for Booze Lovers

If you like different tours and also alcoholic beverages, this one is for you! What about to have a day with wine tasting, craft beer and "cachaças" - sugar cane spirit? So it is our Serra do Mar for Booze Lovers.

The tour begins with a visit to Família Fardo Winery, on the hills of Serra do Mar. You will see the wine making process and will have a simple wine tasting at the counter. Then it is time to go down the Estrada da Graciosa with stop to see the landscapes of the green mountains.

The next stop is at Porto de Cima Brewery. Kurt is from Tennessee and with this Brazilian wife Miriam they founded a microbrewery with the idea to sell what they do not drink. It is completely surrounded by rain forest and the labels honor the nature. You will see how they make beer here and also will taste different ones.

Then it is time for a lunch break in Morretes. The suggestion is to try "barreado" - a juicy beef stew typical from the coast. After that, time to visit Antonina, a beautiful historical town. You will have a boat tour to see the views from the bay surrounded by mountains.

The last stop is at Casa Poletto or Porto Morretes. Both produce the famous "cachaças" from Morretes. Later, return to Curitiba. Serra do Mar for Booze Lovers can be made everyday upon previous booking.

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