What to do in Curitiba: unmissible tips for a great trip

o que fazer em curitiba

Curitiba is very renowned and gets many compliments of tourists - it is green, organized and clean. There is plenty of things nice things to do here. 

See a list of what you will find in this article and what to expect of this city we love so much:

  • How many days should you stay in Curitiba? the main tours to do here
  • The famous parks of Curitiba
  • Rail tour from Curitiba to Morretes
  • Know the old town of Curitiba
  • Do a special tour in the city
  • Museums of Curitiba 
  • Know the craft beer producers in Curitiba
  • The best restaurants and bars and the local appetizer "Carne de Onça" 
  • Malls in Curitiba 
  • Some tours in the nature close to Curitiba
  • Guide 10 Things to do in Curitiba all year long

Enjoy the tips about what to do in Curitiba - we hope you find what you need to make your trip very complete and special. If you do not find, just ask us at WhatsApp - we make tailor-made tours for you!

You will find here links to further articles and where to book online what we explain. So you can read more about the subjects you like.

BONUS - at the end of the text there is a surprise that surely will help you in your choices here. Good reading!

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How many days should I stay in Curitiba?

There is a lot to do here! Plan at least 2 full days in Curitiba. There are many nice things to do in Curitiba and surroundings and so, consider to stay more. You will read a lot about what to do in Curitiba here.

See an 9-day itinerary that we prepared to you - and not all tours here are in it! Choose the ones that you prefer and have a nice time here !

What to do in Curitiba - Botanical Garden
Curitiba´s main post card: the Botanical Garden. Picture: Anna Bader

Day 1: Exploring Curitiba

Have a full day tour to enjoy the city. It is the minimum time Curitiba deserves! You will know the famous parks of the city, as the picturesque Botanical Garden, see the sunset at Tanguá Park, know the famous Wire Opera House, enjoy the views of Oscar Niemeyer Museum, walk along the Pope´s Woods and enchange yourself in the trail of the German Woods. Get surprised at Unilivre and much more!

It is worthwhile to visit Santa Felicidade and have lunch or dinner in the traditional Brazilian-Italian restaurants there. The diversity in Curitiba is big, but Santa Felicidade is very traditional. If you want something more special, we have a list with very good restaurants.

A classic tour: the rail tour. Picrture: Paulo Henrique Borges

Day 2: Rail Tour from Curitiba to Morretes

Reserve a full day to the most booked tour in Curitiba: the rail tour to Morretes. It is considered by the newspaper The Guardian one of the 10 most spectacular rail tours in the world. People from all over the world travel to Curitiba just for it! There are several rail classes: you can book only the tickets and travel independently or book a full day tour (complete), worring about anything else. Curious? See the special article about this tour.

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Day 3: Sandstone of the Vila Velha State Park

Today you will the famous sandstones of the Vila Velha State Park. The way there is beautiful - the landscapes of Campos Gerais! It is a tour for all ages - the trails are easy and well structured. It is better to leave Curitiba early to visit the park in the early visiting times.

If you like to visit the maximum number of places in the same day, our suggestion is to visit another place in the afternoon. There are two very nice options: the waterfall Buraco do Padre or the Witmarsum settlement. The waterfall Buraco do Padre is located in the region of Ponta Grossa and is possible to visit even for wheelchair-users.The hiking there is 1 km long in the middle of a beautiful green area and stone walls until you reach the waterfall. On the other hand, Witmarsum Settlement is a rural community founded by menonites. History, culture and German traditions are well-kept there.

There is a a full article about this tour in the blog.

Egyptian Museum is one of the most curious ones. Picture: Special Paraná

Day 4: Culture in Curitiba - an alternative tour

What about to include some culture in your itinerary? If you like to visit different places, the recommendations are: Holocaust Museum (you must schedule ahead!!) - the only one in Brazil, the Egyptian Museum, that is divided in three parts, the Santa Maria Chapel - dedicated to classic music, the Schonstatt Sanctuary, in the middle of a beautiful residential area, the  Baron´s Solar in downtown and the Barigui Park, our favorite place for exercises.

To end the tour, the suggestion is to taste a local appetizer in traditional pubs - the"Carne de Onça"! We will explain about it late - but despite the name "Jaguar´s meat" - it is made of beef! All these niace places are in the guided tour Curitiba´s Hidden Gems. What about to check it out?

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what to do in Curitiba - ilha do mel
The fortress on Ilha do Mel! Photo: Special Paraná

Day 5: Ilha do Mel - our piece of paradise

This tour is not to miss! Paraná has only 98 km coast, but we are very privileged to have the beautiful Ilha do Mel (Honey Island)! You will not find any cars or motorbikes there. You can arrive only by boats and will walk in the sand trails. It is a place to visit all year long!

During warmer months, the sea is an invitation for bathing. In the colder months, you may hike and visit the island. You should not miss the 144 steps to the up of the hill where the lighthouse is located and have a great view to Praia de Fora, Praia Grande and Praia do Farol. Ilha do Mel can be visited in a day tour from Curitiba. There are two options: with regular boats (slower and you will visit a part of the island) or with private boats (you will have time to visit both sides of the island).

Ilha do Mel is a nature conservation unit: more than 90% of the island is protected. No beach vendors or crowded beaches! There everything is rustic and controled - there is a maximun number of visitors. If you can spend some days there, contact us to get an offer for guesthouses on the island. Do you want to know more about Ilha do Mel? Check out our post about it.

what to do in Curitiba - Lapa
Heroes Panteon in Lapa. Photo: Special Paraná

Day 6: Lapa - a historical town

Lapa looks like a scenery, so well preserved! You will walk in the old town and will learn some about the Brazilian history. A part of Federalist Revolutionhappened here. The local museums are interesting and show some aspects of the life in the countryside in a town founded by cattle rangers and also fought in Cerco da Lapa, que durou 26 dias e mudou a história do Brasil.

The tour to Lapa also includes a visit to Monk´s State Park. From there, views to the city and you will also see the stone formations in the highest part of the town. A good tip is to try a local specialty called Coxinha de Farofa, a pastry filled with chichen - delicious. Curious? We tell about it and more about Lapa in a post about the town.

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what to do in Curitiba - castrolanda
Wind mill in Castrolanda - Dutch Settlements. Photo: Special Paraná

Day 7: Dutch Settlements - a piece of Holland in Paraná´s countryside

Did you know that there is a region in Brazil that leads the milk production in the country? You will know more about it in the tour to Carambeí and to Castrolanda, two Dutch settlements in Paraná State. It is possible to visit in a day tour from Curitiba . In the morning, you will visit the Historical Park of Carambeí, the biggest open air historical museum in Brazil. You will see copies of the constructions of the pioneers, who arrived 1911. Many pictures here - the place is beautiful! Local food is another good reason to visit - try Dutch specialties and the cakes!

In the afternoon, time to visit Castrolanda, founded in the 1950´s and today it is the milk production capital in Brazil. The wind mill was built completely of wood, in the traditional Dutch style. The local cultural center shows how the immigration was organized before they came to Brazil. Do you want to know more? Check out the article we have about it.

what to do in Curitiba - Beto Carrero
The entrance of Beto Carrero World

Day 8: Beto Carrero World - the best theme park in Brazil

A great choice to have fun for all ages: the park is located only 200 km from Curitiba. There are tours there always when the park is open, but you have to book in advance!

Beto Carrero is very well kept and beautiful - it is worth to include a day there. If you do not like rollercoasters, no problems! There are shows and easygoing attractions. The park is divided in several theme areas, from Wild West to Hot Wheels and you will also see Dreamworks characters, such Madagascar, Shrek or Megamind walking around.

You may choose a shared tour that includes transportation and ticket or a private tour for you. The choice is yours! Do you want to know more about Beto Carrero? Check out a post about.

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What to do in curitiba - winery
Options of fine wines for tasting. Photo: Special Paraná

Day 9: Fine wines - guided visit and tasting in a winery

As the day before was intense, today a lighter tour, starting later. The tip is to visit a winery in region. There are two options for your choice - or you may visit both!

The Vinícola Araucária opens saturdays, sundays and holidays. It is located in the rural area of São José dos Pinhais - it is a good option if you want to combine this tour with your transfer to the airport in the afternoon! It is in a farm with wide green area and you can walk here after the visit, that includes the grape yards and the production hall. The wine tasting includes three labels and you can have lunch in the local restaurant if you prefer.

On the other hand, Vinícola Família Fardo opens daily and the visit is confirmed upon booking request. The building was made of stones according to the dream of the founder, Mr. Ambrosio Fardo. You will have a true lesson about wine making with the local specialist. The "trinna" wine tasting is very well varied: you will choose three wine labels and will have some food, such as grissini, salami, cheese and honey. A surprising combination! Know more about the winery here.

Curious about the fine wines produced here? Sommelier Wagnere Gabardo explained a lot in this article.

The famous parks of Curitiba

Curitiba has very large green areas. More than 60 sqm per inhabitant - much above that UN reccommends: 9 sqm for life quality in cities!

Our parks began to be built in the 19th century - our Passeio Público was the first one. In the 1970s, others were created. Parks are for locals leisure areas - walking, having a picnic, have fun with kids or simply to rest.

Here is a basic list for you. If you want to know more about these places, we have a post about them.

what to do in curitiba - Passeio Público
A green oasis downton Curitiba: Passeio Público. Photo: Special Paraná
  1. Passeio Público: the oldest one in Curitiba, right downtown
  2. Botanical Garden: post card of Curitiba with its beautiful winter garden
  3. Tanguá Park: the most beautiful sunset in Curitiba
  4. Pope´s Woods: small and picturesque, with native woods and original houses of the Polish immigrants
  5. Barigui Park: big and much appreciated for sports
  6. Tingui Park: you will find there the Ukranian Memorial, the copy of an ortodox church
  7. German Woods: native woods with panorama views and trail with Hansel and Gretel´s story
  8. São Lourenço: good for a walk with a track for skating
  9. Zaninelli Woods / Unilivre: one for the most surprising ones

Read more about them: Parks in Curitiba: 9 suggestions for everybody 

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Train tour from Curitiba to Morretes

The most booked tour by locals and tourists!The railway from Paranaguá to Curitiba was built between 1880 and 1885. Besides transporting cargo to the port, the railway became one of the most spectacular train tours in the world. It crosses the largest area of Atlantic Rain Forest in Brazil!

what to do in Curitiba - rail tour to morretes
Green areas where your eyes can reach.

The tour has happens in specific dates and need to be booked in advance. The landscape is the same for all classes, but there are different levels of comfort in the train. It is worth to pay a bit more and have English speaking guide and better seats. In total, you will have a bit more than 4 hours trip

  • Tourist class: cushioned seats, guide in Portuguese and some crackers and 1 soda or water.
  • Cabin Class: separated places for 2 or 4 people, English/Portuguese speaking guide, better snacks and beverages are included (water, soda and beer)
  • Imperial Class: tables for 2 or 4 people in elegant ambiance, English/Portuguese speaking guide, better snacks and beverages are included (water, soda and beer)
  • Barão do Serro Azul Class: panoramic windows and a balcony, English/ Portuguese speaking guide, better snacks and beverages are included (water, soda and beer)
  • Luxury Class: air condition, fancy decoration with couches and comfortable chairs, English/ Portuguese speaking guide, welcome sparkling wine, better snack and beverages are included (coffee, tea, water, soda, juice and beer)

Do you want to see exactly the difference between them? Watch our video (subtitles in English):

The train departs from Curitiba at 8:30 In few high season dates the luxury train departs one hour later. As the train tour takes about 4 hours, the suggestion is to choose the tour the has one way by train and the other by van, so that you can have different landscapes and will not sit so long. You can find all options in our website and book ahead only the train ticket or a complete tour - your choice!

The train tour ends in the charming town Morretes. Several tours also include Antonina, with its beautiful views of the bay.

As it is the most booked tour, we have a complete article about it.

Ask further information at WhatsApp!


Know the old town of Curitiba

what to do in curitiba -old town
The contrast of colors in the old town of Curitiba

We do have history here! The area popularly known as Largo da Ordem has several interesting places. Here a short list of some of them:

  • Cathedral: it is exectly where the first chapel was built. It was recently restored.
  • Tiradentes Square: where our city began. Do you know what Curitiba means? Many pine nuts - of the Araucaria tree!
  • Paço da Liberdade - Liberty Hall: the former city hall was transformed into a cultural center. It has a very nice café!
  • Ordem Church: the oldest one still standing in Curitiba. Due to it the whole area is called "Largo da Ordem".
  • Solar do Rosário: an old house that hosts an art gallery and café.
  • Bar do Alemão: very traditional pub in the old town. Try "chope submarino" - draft beer with steinhaeger! Our clients have advantages there!
  • Rosário Church: built by slaved people it is today one of the most beautiful ones in Curitiba
  • Ruins of Saint Francis and Belvedeve: one of the highest places in downtown
  • See details about these and other places in this article: Old Town of Curitiba

What about a guided tour in Old Town Curitiba, visiting the nicest places?Check out our Walking tour Curitiba.


what to visit in curitiba - museum oscar niemeyer
The clients Vera and Geraldo during a sightseeing tour with photo shooting. Photo: Karla Vizone


Do a special tour in the city

One of the coolest way to visit a town is to have someone showing you details you would not find alone. See here a selection of guided tours in Curitiba for your choice:

If you prefer to discover the city independently, we have here Linha Turismo, a double decker bus that covers most sightseeing places of Curitiba. Read more about here: Linha Turismo: know the tour bus of Curitiba 

We also tested three different sightseeing tours: Linha Turismo (double-decker), shared tour (the ones offered in the hotels) and the private one. See everything here: Tour services in Curitiba: I tested them

Ask further information at WhatsApp!

O que fazer em Curitiba - Museu do Holocausto
One of the most impacting places: the Holocaust Museum. Photo: Special Paraná

Museums of Curitiba

Curitiba is a city with great cultural variety. See here a short list of the 4 top museums in Curitiba:

  • Oscar Niemeyer Museum: impressive! The biggest contemporary art museum in Latin America.
  • Holocaust Museum: you need to schedule before and only kids older than 12 are allowed to visit. Very touching visit!
  • Indigenous Art Museum: a beautiful collection of different Brazilian native tribes. A transforming visit.
  • Paranaense Museum: Paraná´s state history from ancient times to more actual ones.
  • See details of these museums with pictures, videos and addresses of theses and further 7 ones: Museums in Curitiba: 11 options to visit 

For those woh like musems and love special tours, with much culture, the tip is the tour Curitiba´s Hidden Gems. Know everything about it here.

what to see in curitiba - gauden
Craft beer straight from the tank. Photo: Special Paraná

Know the craft beer producers in Curitiba

Did you know that Curitiba is Brazilian Craft Beer Capital City? There are many craft beer producers here - with excellent options. Beyond beer tasting, you will learn about the craft beer production. You can book guided tours with master-brewers:

Do you love beer and want to know more about the breweries here and in general? Check out our article Breweries in Curitiba

to see and visit in Curitiba
Porto de Cima Microbrewery in Morretes. Photo: Special Paraná

There is also the tour Serra do Mar for Booze Lovers. Think about a nice and exclusive day! Winery, craft brewery and "cachaça" producer. Everything in a fun tour with the Serra do Mar landscapes. Visit and taste the fine wines at Família Fardo Winery. Then enjoy the landscapes of the windy Estrada da Graciosa until the next stop - Porto de Cima Brewery, a microbrewery owned by an American. You will be charmed by Antonina Bay during a pleasant boat tour. To round up the day, taste local "cachaças" at Porto Morretes or Casa Poletto. 

Do you want to know more? Check out our post Serra do Mar for Booze Lovers - an exclusive tour from Curitiba 

Ask further information at WhatsApp!


Best Restaurants and Bars in Curitiba

There are many excellent options for eating out in Curitiba. You will be surprised with the variety of good restaurants and bars here.

There are places for all! We have listed a few of them here and where to find more:


  • Madalosso or Velho Madalosso: if you like plenty of food and easygoing ambiance, these are two excellent options in Santa Felicidade neighborhood. All you can eat of Italian food brought by the Northern Italians who moved to Brazil in 19th century. Madalosso is giant - one of the biggest restaurants in the world. Velho Madalosso is just in front of it
  • Jardins Grill Brazilian Barbeque: excellent meat in a nice ambiance, with a huge buffet of side dishes, including sushi. The waiters bring meat to the tables. That wonderful Brazilian meal for meat lovers.
  • Terraza 40: this one has to be booked ahead! The only panoramic views in Curitiba, located in the 40th floor of a commercial building in Bigorrilho, one of the highest places in town. If you prefer a coffee and cake in the afternoon, in the same place there is Confeitaria Curitibana - also reserve a table before!
  • Chateau de Gazon: the colder temperatures of Curitiba are like an invitation for a fondue. Do you like it? You will find it with beef, cheese and chocolate in a quiet and fancier place in Batel, a upscale neighborhood.
  • What about more suggestions with addresses and pictures? See a list with 20 romantic restaurants in Curitiba - but of course, these nice places are not only for couples. A good restaurant warms the heart and can be the place of nice moments.
where to go in Curitiba - Bar do Alemão
Rustic and traditional place: Bar do Alemão in old town. Photo: Special Paraná


There are many nice bars in Curitiba. We will list here 4 options for you to know and also a link to a post where you find them and several others. Here is our short list:

  • Hop n´Roll: one of the first craft beer pubs in Curitiba. You will find a wide variety of labels, hamburguers and appetizers. It is located in Centro Cívico, very close to downtown. Special Paraná´s clients have discounts there!
  • Taj: one of the nicest pubs in Curitiba. Asian food and beautiful people. Located in Batel, one of the fanciest in Curitiba.
  • We are Bastards Pub: located in Agua Verde, also close to downtown. 32 different kinds of craft beer, live music and always crowded.
  • Mercearia Fantinato: the place for the best "Carne de Onça" in Curitiba. The appetizer is prepared right in front of the client. Despite the name - Jaguar´s beef - it is made of normal beef!
  • See pictures and see more options: 10 Bars in Curitiba to enjoy your happy hour 

Do you want to know how our typical appetizer "Carne de Onça" is prepared? We have a video about it:

Malls in Curitiba

It is difficult to travel somewhere and do not go to a mall, right?

We have listed the 3 nicest ones in Curitiba and that are located downtown for you to visit:

  • Pátio Batel: it is the most luxurious mall in Curitiba. On the ground floor you will find international luxury brands and in the upper floors, less expensive options. It is worth to have lunch there during the week. The nicest restaurants have affordable lunch menus.
  • Estação: this mall is beautiful and located where the former rail station used to be. It was completely integrated to the traditional architecture. There are not many stores, but the place is inviting. Many options in the food court. It is worth to visit the Railroad Museum, also there. "Expresso Estação" is also interesting. A virtual train trip - 10 minutes - for free.
  • Shopping Curitiba: the former army headquarters was transformed in a mall. Nice and well lightned. See also Largo Curitiba that looks like an internal squarre with restaurants. Not many shops, but close to several hotels.
  • Do you want to see 6 other mall options, with pictures and addresses? Check out the article Malls in Curitiba: know the main 9 ones and what to expect of each one

Ask further information at WhatsApp!

Some tours in the nature close to Curitiba

Besides the green of the parks in Curitiba, you can also book several tours to have contact to the nature, all departing from Curitiba.

See here options of day tours to have fun and reconnect to the nature:

One more tip: for your safety in the nature, be careful about the tours you will book. Check out some reccommendations of an specialist here.

[Guide] What to do in Curitiba all year long

Here a last surprise for you! In our guide you will find 10 things to do in Curitiba all year long. Surely a great ally to plan your trip and enjoy it at most:

curitiba guide - what to do in curitiba

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