Museums in Curitiba: 11 options to visit

Museus em Curiiba

The variety of museums in Curitiba is impressive! It is a culturaly rich city, and that is easy to realize when you see the museum options available. We have prepared a special list that includes 11 main museums of Curitiba - some of them pretty famous and other more specific for your choice.

At the moment museums are closed due to COVID-19 and we do miss them a lot.

See here the list, contact details and pictures to make your choice easier:

  1. Oscar Niemeyer Museum
  2. Egyptian Museum of Rosecroix Order
  3. Life Museum - "Museu da Vida"
  4. Holocaust Museum
  5. Expeditionary Museum
  6. Paranaense Museum (local history)
  7. Indigenous Art Museum
  8. Automobile Museum.
  9. Alfredo Andersen House Museum
  10. Baron´s Solar
  11. Railroad Museum

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Now see the details of each one:

1. Oscar Niemeyer Museum

Considered one of the most visited ones in Curitiba was opened 2002 and chose as one of the 20 most beautiful museums in the world by the North-American guide Flavorwire, besides being one of the greatest ones in Latin America. Oscar Niemeyer Museum, popularly called "Eye Museum", attracts locals and tourists due to its interesting architecture, exhibitions and great external area, where you can bring your pets, walk and enjoy a sunny day in a very pleasant way.

Most exhibitions are dedicated to contemporary art, photography and local artists of different decades. There is a permanent exhibition about the work of the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. It is worth to visit the exhibition about Asian art, a great collection donated by a former Brazilian diplomat to the museum and that enchants the visitors.

You will also see there MON Café, with several options of pies, snacks and coffees. The museum shop has nice products and the audithorium uses to host musical events.

Address: Rua Marechal Hermes, 999 | Centro Cívico | +55 (41) 3350-4400 | Website.

Want to see more about the museum? We have a short video about it with subtitles in English:


2 - Egyptian Museum Rosecroix Order

The museum was founded by the Rosecroix Order, that has its headquarters in Curitiba and studies the religion and history of Ancient Egypt.

It is an interesting place for people eager to know more about this old culture, shown in its collection of history, drawings, guns, replika and original ones, besides a mummy of an egyptian woman, more than 2,500 years old - called Tothmea!

There are three different spaces: Egyptian Museum, the oldest one, where the mummy Tothmea is; Luxor Complex, external with a nice garden and Ththankhamon Museum about the most famous Egyptian king.

Address: Rua Nicarágua, 2620 | Bacacheri | +55 (41) 3351-3000 | Website

museus em curitiba - museu egípico
Luxor Complex - in the external area of the museum. Photo: Special Paraná

Know more about it in our short video - subtitles in English:

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3 - Museu da Vida (Life Museum)

It is headquarters of "Pastoral da Criança", a foundation dedicated to child care, and an unique space with two goals: to be an interactive place for families and to show how the volunteers work in poor neighborhoods in Brazil.

Six internal exhibitions and two leisure areas outside. The house used to be an orphanage for girls. The Dr. Zilda Arns memorial is touching. You will learn about the history of the founder who tragically died in Haiti´s earthquake.

Address: Rua Jacarezinho, 1691 | Mercês | +55 (41) 2105-0250 | Website


A short video shows more about there - subtitles in English:

4 - Shoah Museum

The first Holocaust Museum in Brazil was built to remind the victims, the survivors and their families and to honon the ones to helped them. Dedicated to the theme of the jews during World War II, its goal is to warn the new generations about the danger of rage and racism.

Visits MUST be scheduled before and are allowed only for older than 12 years old. 

The museum has a historical collection also also digitally available documents, besides pictures and personal belongins of those times. Short stories of the struggle of the survivorsmade the visit very interesting. The visit must be always scheduled before. Guided visits for individual visitors are available only sundays.

Address: Rua Coronel Agostinho Macedo, 248 | Centro Cívico | +55 (41) 3093-7462 | Website



See more about the Holocaust Museum in this short video - subtitles in English:


5 - Expeditionary Museum

This museum is dedicated to show the Brazilian participation during World War IIand was founded 1946 with a wide collection of maps, books and documents. You will also see weapons used back then by the Brazilian army, navy and air force.

The museum is located at Praça do Expedicionário, where you will see a war tank, a Thunderbolt airplane and other objects.

Address: Praça do Expedicionário | Alto da XV | +55 (41) 3362-8231 | Website


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6 - Paranaense Museum (local history)

Located in the Old Town, it has a collection of more than 400,000 itens, from personal objects to guns, pictures, coins, films and documents. It was opened 1876 and was in 6 other places before moving here. It has exhibtions, hosts studies about Archeology, Antropology and History.

The mansion used to belong to Garmatter family and the place is worth a visit to see how the very wealthy locals used to live in the 19th century. The bathroom was the most modern in town back then.

It faces the beautiful Praça João Cândido, where the Belvedere and Saint Francis Ruins are located.

Address: Rua Kellers, 289 | Centro | +55 (41)3304-3300 | Website


Do you want to see more about the museum? See our short video - subtitles in English:


7 - Indigenous Art Museum

An impressive private collection that gathers rare pieces in a learning environment. The guided visit is fantastic and will enable a great vision about the diversity of native people in Brasil. It is worthwhile!

It is a changing visit that shows interesting aspects and the diversity in Brazil.

Address: Av. Água Verde, 1413 | Água Verde | +55 (41) 3121-2395 | Website

museus em curitiba
Art with feathers in the museum

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8 - Automobile Museum

Currently it is one of the most important automobile museums in Braziland has a collection of more than 150 vehicles that belong to the members of a collector´s club.

The vehicles are divided in 80 parking spaces according to categories antiquevintagemilestones and classic. It is an interesting opportunity to see closely the machines that were remarkable in the 20th century. It is located at Barigui Park, one of the most visited places in Curitiba. It is worth to combine the museum with the park.

Address: Av. Cândido Hartmann, 2300 (Parque Barigui) | +55 (41) 3335-1440 | Site do museu

Museus em Curitiba
Classics at Automobile Museum. Photo: Special Paraná

See our video about the museum - just 1 minute with subtitles in English:


Alfredo Andersen House Museum 

The painter from Norway lived in Curitiba and had his atelier where the museum is today and had an important role in the local art scene. He was an art teacher and made art a profession here.

The museum is located in the old town of Curitiba. It was completely renewed and beyond a permanent exhibition, it was temporary ones and courses about arts and photography. It is nice to see the concern regarding blinds. Several art pieces have audio-description and can be touched.

Address: Rua Mateus Leme, 336 | Centro | +55 (41) 3222-8262 | Website

Casa Museu Alfredo Andersen
Fassade of Alfredo Andersen House Museum. Photo: Marcelo Almeida

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10 - Baron´s Solar 

Baron´s Solar was the housing of the famous Barão do Serro Azul, our biggest entrepreneur in the 19th century.

It hosts several cultural spaces, such as Photography Museum, opened 1998 and has a collection with more than 3,000 images of great Brazilian photographers. It is one of the most impressive contemporary photography collection in Brazil. Gibiteca is a comic book library with more than 25,000 different books - some can be borrowed and other only can be seen on site. The place hosts courses, exhibitions and lectures. Museu da Gravura is also there and has curses and exhibitions in the area.

Address: Rua Presidente Carlos Cavalcanti, 533 | Centro | +55 (41) 3321-3275 | Website

Baron´s Solar
Baron´s Solar in the Old Town of Curitiba. Photo: Special Paraná

Watch our short video with subtitles in English about Baron´s Solar:

11 - Railways Museum  

And to round up the list, the Railways Museum, that is quite interesting and sometimes not seen at Shopping Estação (mall). The former rail station was there until 1972.

You will understand the importance of the railways in Paraná State. They were used to transport mate tea, coffee and wood that were the base of our economy for a long time.

If you are there in the afternoon, you can also visit a new attraction! An interactive train car Expresso Estação, that has a fun virtual trip (10 minutes) in the railway between Curitiba and Paranaguá.

Address: Av. Sete de Setembor, 2775 | Rebouças | +55 (41) 3094-5346

Museus em Curitiba
The Railways Museum is at Estação Shopping Mall. Photo: Special Paraná

See more about the museum here:


Come and visit the musems in Curitiba! For more tips, download Guide about Curitiba. Free!

curitiba guide - what to do in curitiba

* Check out opening days and times directly with the museum before heading to it!

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