10 Museums in Curitiba

Curitiba is very rich culturally and it is easy to see it in the variety of museums spread around the city. We have prepared a list with several museums in Curitiba – some of them famous and other rather unknown for you to plan your trip to Curitiba.

  • Museu Oscar Niemeyer – art museum

One of the most visited museums in Curitba, it was founded 2002 and is considered one of the most beautiful museums in the world by the American magazine Flavorwire. The Oscar Niemeyer Museum is locally called “Eye Museum” due to its shape. Most exhibitions are dedicated to modern art, but there are also photo exhibitions, paintings by local artists of different decades and a permanente exhibition about the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. The museum attracts locals and tourists for its interesting architecture, exhibition halls and its external area, where pets are allowed. The museum has a charming café, store and an auditorium.



Adress: Rua Marechal Hermes, 999 | (41) 3350-4400.

  • Museu do Holocausto – Shoah Museum

The first Shoah Museum of Brazil was created in honor to the victims and survivors of the Holocaust and to the people who risked their lives to help. Dedicated to the persecution suffered by jews during the World War II, its goal is to warn the new generations about the danger of hate and racism. The museum has historical documents available digitally, audio and video files, besides pictures and personal belongings of that time. Short stories about struggling for surviving make the visit very interesting. The visit must be previously booked. Guided visits are available Saturdays and Sundays. Opening days and hours are available at the museum website.



Adress: Rua Coronel Agostinho Macedo, 248 | (41) 3093-7462.

  • Museu do Expedicionário – World War II Museum

This museum is dedicated to the participation of Brazil during World War II. Founded 1946, it has many historical material about this period: maps, books, pictures and documents. Guns and other war material used by the Brazilian Army, Navy and Air Force can also be seen. You will see a tank, a Thunderbold airplane and other things in front of the museum.


Adress: Praça do Expedicionário, Alto da XV | (41)3362-8231.

  • Museu Paranaense – local history museum

Located at the old town, this museum has over 400.000 itens: personal objects, guns, pictures, coins, films, paintings and documents. It was opened 1876 (the 3rd Museum in Brazil!) and had other locations before moving to the presente adress. Besides its exhibitions, the museum leads studies about archeology, antropology and history. The present adress used to house the family Garmatter and the mansion is worth a visit to see how a rich local family lived in the end of the XIX century. Pay attention to the toilett, considered very modern in past times.


Adress: Rua Kellers, 289 | (41)3304-3300.

  • Museu da Ordem Rosa Cruz – Egyptian museum

The goal of this museum is to spread the art of ancient Egypt and it exists since more than 20 years. It is an interesting and unexpected place with pieces telling the history, drawings, guns, replicas and a mumified woman called Tothmea, who died over 2,500 years ago.


Adress: Rua Nicarágua, 2620 | (41) 3351-3000.

  • Museu de Arte Contemporânea – contemporary art

Opened since 1970, it is located at the present adress since 1974. The museum has over 1,500 pieces by Brazilian artists. It has permanent and temporary exhibitions. The art event “Salão Paranaense” is organized by this museum to reflect about the Brazilian contemporary art.

Adress: Rua Desembargador Westphalen, 16 | (41) 3323-5328.

  • Museu de Arte Sacra – sacred art

Opened 1981, it is located at Igreja da Ordem at Largo da Ordem (old town). It gathers over 800 religious art pieces, such as clothing, fotos and paintings. The theme is the Catholic church.

Adress: Rua Claudino dos Santos, s/nº, Igreja da Ordem – Largo da Ordem | (41) 3321-3328.

  • Museu Municipal de Arte – art museum

This museum was opened 1988 to protect the art collection of the city of Curitiba and has over 3,500 art pieces, mainly from local artists such as Poty Lazzarotto, Cleusa Salomão, Bem Ami, among others. In 2000 the museum also received pieces by Geraldo Leão and Newton Goto. There is a permanent exhibition with art pieces that belong to Célia Neves Lazzarotto.

Adress: Av. República Argentina, 3430 | (41) 3229-4436.

  • Museu do Automóvel – automobile museum

Presently it is one of the most important automobile museums in Brazil with a collection of over 150 vehicles that belong to the members of a local antique mobile club. The museum has space for 80 vehicles, so that the exhibition may change and are divided into different categories: antique, vintage, milestones and classic. A great opportunity to see interesting cars of the 20th century. It is located at Barigui park, one of the most beloved parks here.



Adress: Av. Cândido Hartmann, 2300 (Parque Barigui) | (41) 3335-1440.

  • Museu da Fotografia de Curitiba e Gibiteca – photography and comics

Considered the first museum in Brazil and the second one in Latin America dedicated to photography, this museum was opened 1998 and counts with a collection of over 3,000 images of great Brazilian contemporary photographers. The “Gibiteca”, dedicated to comics, has over 25,000 comic books for local consultation.  The place also organizes events, workshops, exhibitions and lectures about this theme. Both are located at Solar do Barão, a beautiful historical building.


Adress: Rua Presidente Carlos Cavalcanti, 533, Solar do Barão | (41) 3321-3275.


*Check the opening times by phone before planing your visit.

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Come to our city and visit its Museums in Curitiba! Find other suggestions about Curitiba in our Curitiba guide – it´s free: