Carlos Perret Gentil, Swiss consul in Brazil at the time, founded in 1852 the settlement of Superagui. More than ten European families, coming from Switzerland, France, Italy and Denmark, were the first to arrive. The region already had a Brazilian population living there. Today, Superagui, a rustic and exotic island, which can surprise with its whole nature and tranquility, is one of the most interesting destinations and still little known in Paraná.

The Superagui Island is located in the North of Paraná and belongs to the town of Guaraqueçaba, located about 145 km from Curitiba and close to the Estates of Paraná and São Paulo too. In 1989, due to demonstrations of many environmentalists, Superagui National Park was created , which underwent expansion in 1997 and now has a total area of 82250 hectare, also covering other nearby islands such as “Ilha das Peças”, “Ilha de Pinheiro”, “Ilha do Pinheirinho” and mainland areas as the “Vale do Rio dos Patos” and the “Canal do Varadouro”, which separates the island Superagui of continental land.

There are two ways to arrive in Superagui, always departing from Paranaguá.

The fastest way is with speedboats, lasting about one hour.

There is also a slow boat to Superagui. The trip lasts about 3 hours. The pace is slow, but the amazing view makes the tour so much peaceful, beautiful and enjoyable. The times are not always fixed, so you can confirm with the contacts provided in the Paranaguá City Hall site. The value of the crossing is about R$ 25.00 (*).

Paranaguá/Superagüi (*)

Monday to Saturday – 2:30 pm


Monday to Saturday – 07:00 am

(*) Hours and values are subject to change.

Remember that on cloudy days, rain and rough seas, the two boat options are more cautious, so, the length of the path may be higher.

Arriving in Superagui, we recommend the guesthouse “Sobre as Ondas” to make your stay even more enjoyable. The hostel is close to the pier (place of loading and unloading of ships) and facing the sea. Sobre as Ondas, such as the island, is rustic and quiet. With a family ambiance, breakfast is included in the rate, and there is also a restaurant for local meals. Therefore, in the guesthouse, you will find one of the best options for lunch!

The rooms doesn’t have TV signal, but in the hostel, you will find a movies’ collection, that you can borrow at no cost. All rooms come with a TV, DVD, fan and minibar. The mobile signal is very rare on the island, but Sobre as Ondas offers internet to the guests. You can, however, enjoy the tranquility of the island and turn off all these devices, to relax and get closer to nature!

You can also go to the trail to the Desert Beach. One of the entrances to the trail is beside Sobre as Ondas. It takes about one hour walking to reach the beach, but the path does not have many obstacles. We only recommend you take repellent, water, sunscreen and camera! Ask the owners of Sobre as Ondas about the path. You can also have a guided tour here if you prefer.

Arriving at the deserted beach you will find a stunning and exotic landscape of silence, only the noise the waves of the sea and fisher boats. You can return walking along the beach, with another hour walking. You can also go to the Desert Beach by bike, available for loan at the guesthouse.

Other interesting attractions in Superagui Island region are boat trips to the “Ilha das Peças” (for dolphin watching, one of the regions with the highest concentration of these animals) and Pinheiro and Pinheirinho Islands (observation point at dusk the flight of “papagaios-da-cara-roxa” – purple-faced-parrots).

Do not forget to taste Cataia, traditional rum (“cachaça”) in the region. The leaves of cataia come from a bush that can be found only in the Superagui National Park region. The leaves, added to sugar-cane-spirit, give another taste to the drink, becoming known as “caiçara whiskey”.

To make your trip more enjoyable, it is important to bring sunscreen, insect repellent, flashlight (for walking at night) and camera to capture your experience! On the Island you will not find pharmacy, hospital or banks.