Paranaguá is the oldest town of Paraná and therefore is considered the cradle of Paraná’s population. The city has more than 400 years of history and it is still possible to see some vestiges of the colonial period like old houses, buildings, streets and churches.

With 140,469 inhabitants (IBGE, 2010), Paranaguá is located on Paraná Coastline about 90 km away from Curitiba and it is main city of Paraná Coast. Besides being veryimportant to the state’s economy the town is one of the tourism highlights of the state. is also important to the tourism of the state.

Paranaguá has one of the most beautiful colonial architectonic complex and surroundings areas. The surprising and exotic Ilha do Mel (Honey Island) belongs to the city and is another amazing tourist destination!

In addition to its importance for the Paraná’s tourism industry, the city is very important to the state and country’s economy! The Port of Paranaguá also know as Porto Dom Pedro II is the major Brazilian port for the export of agricultural commodities but the majority of the exports consists in the soya beans production of Paraná,  other Brazilian states and Latin America countries. Paranaguá have as main function of port escoador of production in the State of Paraná. The port is currently the largest grains exporter of Latin America!

One of the reasons to build the railroad was to connect Curitiba to the coast and also connect the Port of Paranaguá with other southern states to sell the grain production to support and help the economic development and growth in our region. The project began officially on February of 1880 and was considered an engineering challenge at the time. The railroad was completed 5 years later.

Visit Paranaguá and get to see colonial houses, buildings, churches and  monuments that testimony our history, the Fortress and the Lighthouse on Ilha do Mel, Cotinga Island, the Cathedral, the Jesuit College, Fontinha, among others!

Do not miss the opportunity to see the handcrafts in the Municipal Market, dance Fandandango (a typical dace from Paraná Coast) and try the delicious Barreado, a famous local dish.