Morretes is a charming historical city of Paraná and it is located in a plane area by Serra do Mar, one of the best-preserved Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest areas. In Morretes downtown you can see many beautiful colonial houses, churches, handcraft shops, typical products of the region and excellent restaurants that serving the Barreado, a very tasty typical dish from the Paraná Coast that attracts lots of visitors to the city.

Barreado is pretty much a meat slowly cooked in pan made of clay sealed with manioc flour for approximately 24 hours resulting in a very tasty and soft meet. The dish is traditionally served with rice, manioc flour, banana, orange and the traditional banana-flavored homemade cachaça produced by several alembics of Morretes.

Besides its historical, cultural and gastronomic attractions, Morretes attracts lots of people to practice rock climbing and canoeing, campers and nature lovers to enjoy the tranquility of the city and its surroundings nature beauties.

Pico do Marumbi State Park is located next to Morretes and it is a paradise for climbing lovers. There are several peaks to climb, campings, crystalline water streams, waterfalls. Among the main hills to climb are Abrolhos (1200m), Esfinge (1378m), Ponta do Tigre (1400m), Boa Vista (1491m) and Olimpo (1539m) the highest one! Reaching the tops of the mountains and cliffs requires technique and preparation so be careful.Nhundiaquara River passes in the middle of city and gives even more charm to the town and and attracts many visitors to practice canoeing and bóia-cross. It is awesome to hike, walk and ride bicycles to enjoy the mountains, gorgeous landscape and colonial paths.

You will fall in love with Morretes before arrive there! To reach the city you can take the train or the Graciosa Road (Estrada da Graciosa). The train tour from Curitiba to Morretes is one of the most exciting train tours in the world across the Serra do Mar, one of the best-preserved Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest areas passing  by many bridges and cliffs. Graciosa Road was built during the empire and was urbanized by Airton Cornelsen in the 1950s.

Enjoy Morretes beauty, charm and tranquility!