Ilha do Mel

Ilha do Mel is located on of Paraná Coast and it is one of the main tourist destinations in Southern Brazil. It is a very rustic but charm place that fascinates visitors from all over the World with its exotic and surprising natural beauty and attractions!

The island is a unique place and a perfect destination to enjoy leisure and rest moments by the exuberant nature. From the boat crossing to the local gastronomy, every moment is a different pleasure. Trails and ecological walks, lovely beaches, rich flora and fauna, cliffs, hills that allow visitor to practice and do several activities like boat trips, dolphin and bird watching, radical activities and sports such as bike, paragliding, hang gliding, diving, surfing, fishing.

Ilha do Mel is carpeted by the Atlantic Forest and home to two conservation units devoted to preserving the natural environment of the island. The Ecological Station covers approximately 95% of the island, focusing on scientific research and environmental educational. In addition to similar pursuits, the Ilha do Mel State Park is also open to the public for leisure and tourism. The island is declared by UNESCO a Biosphere Reserve and since 1982 the Paraná Environmental Institute (IAP) manages and controls the access of the 5,000 visitors permitted on the island.

The peaceful atmosphere, beautiful beaches, rich flora and fauna, mangroves, lagoons, swamps and other interesting attractions such as the Fortress Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres, the Lighthouse Farol das Conchas, Encantadas’s Grotto and  thes Istism on Nova Brasília have turned the paradisiacal isle into one of the most visited places in Southern Brazil. The well signaled trails invite the visitor for long walks and the island is frequented mostly by tourists looking for adventures, tracking activities.  Ilha do Mel is a awesome destination to everyone, from families looking for peacefulness and rest to youths, teenagers and adults looking for amusement, surf and fun!

The local community of the island lives in five small villages: Fortaleza, Nova Brasilia or Brasilia, Farol, Praia Grande e Encantadas. Cars, motorcycles and other motorized vehicles are forbidden in the island and therefore there are no streets or roads. The only way to get around in and go other beaches and villages of the island is by bike, by foot or by boat!

Considered a paradise on earth for many people, the only way to reach the island is by boat considering that its nearest point is located 4 km away from Pontal do Sul, in the continent and 120 km from Curitiba. Boats departure daily from 3 peers: Pontal do Sul (takes 40 minutes and costs R$23 roundtrip), Paranaguá (1h45 minutes/R$28 roundtrip) and Morretes (1 hour/R$ 125).

From these piers you have the option to arrive in 2 points of the island: Encantadas and Nova Brasília. Staying inEncantadas, you will be close to the Encantadas’s Grotto,  Mar de Fora – a good beach to dive and surf. Encantadas’s Village has nice pousadas/inns and great restaurants.

In the Brasília or Nova Brasília side of the island you will be next to most of the main tourist attractions of Ilha do Mel like the Lighthouse Farol das Conchas, the Istism and Fortress Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres. Brasília has also the most beautiful beaches and the best surf spots of Paraná like Praia Grande Beach, Praia do Farol Beach and Praia da Fortaleza Beach. Besides that, the best restaurants, hotels and pousadas on Ilha do Mel are located in Brasilia and in even being rustic most of them offer great comfort and are well equipped. Nightlife in Brasilia  is very fun!

Both villages have distinct characteristics, landscapes, beaches, hotels, pousadas, leisure and entertainment options. You can reach the villages walking through the well signposted trails or taking the boat between Encantadas and Nova Brasilia that leaves every hour!