Curitiba is the capital of the Brazilian state of Paraná, is the biggest city in Southern Brazil. It has the country’s eighth largest urban population, approximately 3.2 million people spread across 26 municipalities and it is also an important cultural, political and economic centre in Brazil.

The city is also known as the ecological capital of Brazil, one of the most well regarded world cities in terms of urban planning, specially for its efficient and innovative bus rapid transit system considered one of the best in the world. Besides that, the city is focused on sustainability and very famous for its parks, using them to increase quality of life and act as green infrastructure to protect against floods. In 2010, Curitiba was considered and rewarded the most sustainable city in the world!

The city has been growing a lot in the last decades but still has some characteristics of smaller cities especially the tranquility and good quality of life. Curitiba is considered one of the best cities to live in Brazil and the World.

Located in the first paranaense plateau, approximately 934 meters above sea level Curitiba is has a humid subtropical weather and the average temperatures are 20 °C in  the summer and 12° C over the winter.

Curitiba was a village in 1693 and only in 1842 it became a city and was chosen to be the Capital of Paraná Province in 1853. The occupation and development of the state was slow until 1870s and after that the european immigrants started to arrive, especially Germans, Polish, Italian and Ukrainian. Immigrants from Ukraine and Poland settled down in the city in small colonies that later on became neighborhoods in the city like Santa Candida, Tingüi, Abranches among others. Germans and Italians gave origin to neighborhoods like Santa Felicidade and other municipalities in the metropolitan cities such as São José dos Pinhais and Colombo, the largest italian colony of Paraná.

The arrival of immigrants in our state originated in the local culture and gastronomy easily seen around the city through typical restaurants, handicraft houses, cultural and leisure spaces, parks, squares and the habits of the people.

Among the main touristic attractions in Curitiba are: the Botanical Garden (Jardim Botânico) , Oscar Niemeyer Museum (Museu Oscar Niemeyer), Wire Opera House (Ópera de Arame/Pedreira Paulo Leminski), Old Town (Largo da Ordem), Tiradentes  Square (Praça Tiradentes), Brasil Telecom/Oi’s Tower (Torre Panorâmica da Oi), Historical Building of the Federal University of Paraná, Passeio Público, Barigui Park (Parque Barigui), Tanguá  Park (Parque Tanguá), Tingui Park and Ukrainian Memorial (Parque Tingui/Memorial Ucraniano), Flowers Street (Calçadão da XV/Rua das Flores), Pope Woods (Bosque do Papa), German Woods (Bosque Alemão), Free University of the Environment (Universidade Livre do Meio Ambiente – UNILIVRE), Paiol Theater (Teatro Paiol), São Lourenço Park (Parque São Lourenço), Railway Museum (Museu Ferroviário), Contemporary Art Museum (Museu da Arte Contemporânea – MAC), Municipal and Organic Markets (Mercado Municipal e de Orgânicos), Bus and Train Station (Rodoferroviária), Guaíra Theater (Teatro Guaíra), Zoo (Zoológico de Curitiba) and the Civic Center (Centro Cívico). Curitiba enchants everyone and we are sure you will be delighted with our city as well will delight you too!

Enjoy Curitiba with whom really know and have experienced the best of Curitiba!