Antonina is a charmy and quiet port city located on Paraná coast, located 90 km from Curitiba and 55 km from Paranaguá. With 18,891 inhabitants (IBGE, 2011), Antonina is charm and full of history and exuberant nature.

The  town dates from the middle of the 17th Century when settlers started a small village. They requested and obtained permission to build a chapel in praise of Nossa Senhora do Pilar and in September 12th of 1714 the chapel was built. This date is also considered the official foundation of Antonina.

Since this time until nowadays happens in the city  the Festa de Agosto in honor of time when the city was a small village until the present day, happens in honor of Nossa Senhora do Pilar. The city receives lots of people during the event, specially on the 15th to participate in the Religious procession and to watch the fireworks.

Antonina has several monuments, historical buildings, colonial houses and churches, natural beauties and great restaurants. Visit Ponta da Pita, a small beach with calm waters perfect to swin and relax by Antonina Bay. Also on Antonina Bay, Prainha offers great leisure structure. Take a boat tour and see  beautiful landscapes, exuberant flora and fauna, natural beauties, among others!

Antonina is a good  ecotourism destination and offers many activities and things to do in the town like climb Paraná Peak (Pico do Paraná), rafting on Rio Cachoeira, fishing at Ponta da Pita  and much more.

In spite of being a quiet and calm city, Antonina is a exciting fun and party city! The carnival in Antonina is the best street carnival of Paraná and receives thousands of visitors to party, have fun and enjoy the parade every year. In July the city hosts the UFPR Winter Festival and attracts lots of artists and students looking for knowledge and fun trough the concerts, shows, workshops and courses offered during the event.

The local art and handcraft are another Antonina highlight: baskets made with rattan, taquara, ceramics and soapstone; mini canoes; household tools;  manioc flour and homemade pastries  as well.

Antonina offers many hotels, pousadas/inns and restaurants to receive tourists. Most of the restaurants in Antonina besides serving the Barreado, a very tasty local also serve seafood and crab, typical dish of the city and symbol of Antonina.

After the reactivation of the port and tourism activity  increase, Antonina is currently recovering its economic growth. Nowadays, the city is in the process of recovery of the in Antonina.