The idea about Special Paraná was born in Germany, where Bibiana was partner of a tour operation and Ulrich owned an event agency. With the goal to move back to Brazil, both decided to unite their business and open a new company, specialized on incoming tourism and event organization in Curitiba.

In January 2007 both arrived in Curitiba and Special Paraná was opened on February 5th of the same year. The first office was located at Tijucas Building, one of the oldest ones in downtown Curitiba, a very central environment and next to the main hotels, banks and shops in general.

The inicial focus of the company was personalized service to foreign tourists and qualified services to international shows. In April 2007 the first prospection trip took place and the feedbacks were great. We had our first clients: incoming tour operators specialized on the international Market. Curiously, the first clients were from Bangladesh, but soon the European clients were the most. In May of the same year, one more fantastic happening: we had a famous international circus as client for all Latin America. Our technicians travelled with the circus and were responsible for the set-up and tear-down of the shows during 3 years.

In 2008 we became affiliates of WHL, an international internet platform for small tour operators all over the world. In September our English sites were ready! In that year, we began to have farmer groups, who came to visit farms, cooperatives and industries. Paraná Estate is very strong for farming and since them we have often such groups.

Due to the profile of tourists in Curitiba, it did not take long until Special Paraná began to have other segments, such as oficial travel agency for events. Since 2009 we had the honour to work for several congresses.

The WHL sites were launched also in Portuguese to service the local market and since 2010 we had them in the local language as well, expanding our clients area. In this same year, Ulrich began to represent in Brazil the German company Losberger, specialized in temporary structures. With the growing responsabilities towards Losberger, Ulrich left the daily business of Special Paraná in charge of Bibiana. Today Losberger has a Brazilian subsidiary in Rio de Janeiro.


In 2010, during a benchmarking trip to Europe, we saw the success of Segway Tours in Prag and Vienna. At the return to Brazil, we were sure we wanted the same here and worked hard to make it come true and be pioneers in this area. In April 2011 it was so far and we were the first company to offer daily Segway tours in Brazil. This amazing experience lasted until November 2012, when the hotel were we were based was bought by the Estate gourvernment. For several reasons, we decided to rent the Segways and later to sell them. The Segway Tours Curitiba were a great success and also gave us much visibility and we learned a lot.

Our first experience with cruises came also in 2010. In a service together with “Núcleo de Turismo Receptivo”, an association where we are members, we had the pleasure to work for the guests of the cruise ship Veendam in Paranaguá.

Since Paranaguá began to receive more cruises, we became the official incoming agency of most of them since 2011. The tours sold on boared where operated by us. In the first stop, 83 clients, who had no clue about what the region had to offer. In the last stop in 2014, almost 500 persons booked our tours, almost 45% of the passengers of the ship. A huge success!

2012 we organized a different trip! A client from a cooperative asked us to organize a technical trip to Switzerland, Germany and Holland. It was the time to enjoy all the knowledge conquered during the time in Europe, organizing incentive trips. The tour was a great sucess!

At the same year, we moved to Rua Voluntários da Pátria, very close to the former adress. The new office was more modern and we could bring the team closer together with the new office lay-out.

2014, the same agricultural group asked us to organize a nice trip again: this turn to Spain and Portugal. The idea of offering the best of each region enchanted again – the group had unique experiences.


The FIFA Worldcup 2014 was also a period of much learning and work. We had prepared ourselves years ahead: clients inspections, meetings, workshops and trainings. During the games in Curitiba, we had 1309 clients of different profiles and nationalities. Since Spanish journalists to groups in private jets. It was an amazing experience and we had the help of 28 professionals to make everything happen: guides, desks at the hotels, stadium and airport. Intense work days and sure to have rendered the best service and unforgetable moments to our clients. We helped to present Curitiba to the world as a tourist destination.

2016 was a great year for us: we received Tripadvisor´s Certificate of Excellence, the prize “Panorama do Turismo” for your “Car wash Tour”, that tells about the corruption investigation in Brazil (based in Curitiba!) and we also got a Quality Seal by Sebrae, a renowned institution.

The year of 2017 has been crowned by the second Tripadvisor´s Certificate of Excellence. A true proof that we are loyal to our core goat to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Our history is made daily, with the hard work of our team to accomplish our mission: “To offer the best experience to our clients, with tailor-made services and attention to details.”

Trust in our experience to welcome you and your clients in Curitiba. It will be a great pleasure to make part of your history!