How can I book a tour?

Find in our website the tour you prefer and click on “More information and booking”. You will be directed to another site of us (www.curitiba-travel.com.br) where you will find all details regarding that your. Choose the date, number of participants and click on “Book now”.

Review the date, departure time, fill up all information and click on “ I have read and understand the information about BOOKING terms & conditions.” Then you just need to click on “Book now”. The payment will be processed after the confirmation in the informed credit card.

You will get an e-mail immediately with our contact information and your booking number. In case you have any question or did not get this e-mail, call us at +55 41 3232 1314 or at our mobile number +55 41 9935 7215 (also for Whatsapp).

Which are the payment forms?

The booking at the website is made with your Visa, Master, Amex or Elo credit card. In case you live in Brazil and prefer to pay with wire transfer, please contact us for that. For credit cards issued in Brazil, it is possible to pay the tour in 3 rates.

I booked a tour. Is it automatically confirmed?

The confirmation is not automatically. We will confirm the availability as soon as possible, mostly in less than 24 hours. In case the tour is not available, we will suggest an alternative tour. If your booking is for the next day, please contact us at +55 41 3232 1314 or at our mobile number +55 41 9935 7215 (also for Whatsapp).

How can I book a tour if I do not live in Curitiba?

You can book your tour easily and safely at our website, by e-mail (info@specialparana.com) or by phone +55 41 3232 1314 or at our mobile number +55 41 9935 7215 (also for Whatsapp).

Can I pay the tour when at the beginning of the tour?

We need the payment to confirm your tour. As soon as you book your tour, we issue tickets, book guide and transportation and all included services. It is not possible to pay it by arrival.

How do the 100% satisfaction guarantee work?

We guarantee 100% satisfaction in the private tours. In case of any problem or insatisfaction, we kindly ask you to contact us immediately during the tour at +55 41 3232 1314 or at our mobile number +55 41 9935 7215. If we do not solve it in 15 minutes, we will refund the tour price. The guarantee is not valid for issues related to the train – they are beyond our responsability.

How many days before should I book a tour?

The sooner, the better. Many tours are fully booked very often and the number of guides is limited. Book in advance and make your trip more worth. We have discounts in the private tours: book until 5 days before and get 5% off if you book two private tours and 10% off if you book 3 or more private tours.

May I cancel if it rains?

The tours, except bike tours, happen despite rain. The weather in Curitiba changes a lot and even in the same day you might have rain, sun and cold. Do not worry much about the weather forecast – normally it is different. Come prepared for Curitiba: umbrela, jacket and good mood to visit tour beautiful region.

And what if I book the tour on spot, when I reach Curitiba?

You can book the tours in our website, by phone or personally at the agency. We are here from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. Our office is downtown, very close to Praça Osório, at Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 262, sala 5 (1st floor). Come here to chat with us and drink a coffee. We will give you several tips for your stay in Curitiba.

But we reccommend to book in advance to guarantee the availability of the tour and guides to assist you. And you have discounts when you book until 5 days before! Almost all tours are private and the availability is limited. At last but not least, it is better to book before to have a guide who speaks your language.

How do I get discounts?

If you book private tours until 5 days before, you can have discounts. For two private tours, 5% off. For three or more private tours, 10% off. The discounts are valid only for private tours. It does not matter how many people, but only how many tours you booked. If you book a regular and a private tour, only the private one will have discount. The discount is made manually in your booking confirmation.

How do the tours work?

There are basically two tour types: private and regular.

Until 3 people, the transportation is by car. From 4 people on, the transportation is by van or bus, depending on the number of persons.

Private tours are exclusive for you. You will not share the transportation or the guide assistance with other clients. The tour can be changed to include places you prefer and the tour will be according to you. We have guides who speak English, German, Spanish, French, Arab and Italian. Inform your preference in your booking.

Regular tours are in group, you will be with other travellers, most of them Brazilians. The tour schedule can not be changed. It is necessary at least two persons to confirm regular tours. If you travel alone, we can check if there are other participants in the wished date. The guide speaks Portuguese and English.

Read the description of each tour to know what is included and what to expect of each tour. It is only possible to change anything in the tour if you book a private one.

Will the tour be only for us or will we be part of a group?

It depends on the tour you book. If it is a private tour, it will be only for you. If it is a regular tour, it will be in a group. You can read details in the tour description.

Does the tour include a guide?

In general, all our tours include guide. Exception is the tour to Beto Carrero, that includes only transportation and ticket to the amusement park.

In the private tours, the guides are ours. In the regular tours, they work for partner companies.

Our guides are excellent and make the whole difference for you to visit a place properly. Tour guide is a licensed profession in Brazil and it is mandatory that tour agencies include a tour guide in the tours, but many agencies simply don´t. The licensed guide has a badge issued by “Ministério do Turismo”. Watch out”.

Know some of our guides in a video – all of them are excellent!

Can I customize a tour? May I change the departure time?

Private tours can be changed according to your wishes. Choose the date, number of persons and click on “Customize tour” and describe what you want to change. Or just call us  at +55 41 3232 1314 or at our mobile number +55 41 9935 7215 (also for Whatsapp).

And if I need to cancel a tour?

When you book services with us, we prepare everything for you: we book guide, transportation, tickets, restaurants and everything else. We obviously have expenses with it and it is not possible to cancel without any fees.

– Until 30 days prior to arrival: 10% cancelation fee

– From 29 to 21 days prior to arrival: 20% cancelation fee

– Less than 21 days prior to arrival: more than 20% cancelation fee

In case of cancelaiton less than 21 days prior to arrival, we will charge the costs we had. The fee will be according to the previous costs and cancelation fees we will have to pay.

For all train tours, including train tickets, following rules apply: cancelation until 48 hours prior to arrival, cancelation fee of 30%. After this dead-line, no reimburssement.

How do the discount coupons work?

If you make a private tour, our guide will bring you the printed coupons for you. If you book a regular tour or just tickets with us, we will send your coupons by e-mail and you can print them. Some places ask for a coupon for person and in other places the discount is valid for the total bill. Present the coupon by arrival to avoid problems with your bill.

Click here to see which places offer advantages and discounts for our clients and spend less.

How is the train tour?

The train tour leaves daily from Curitiba to Morretes and back. It does not go until Paranaguá anymore, but you will not miss the landscape. The most beautiful part of the rail road ends in Morretes.

There are severay train car categories. The touristic category leaves daily. Depending on the dates and number of the participants, you might book the executive, cabin, deluxe train or litorina. Know more about them here.

You can book the one-way or return tickets or a complete tour. The complete tour includes the one-way by train ride ando one-way by road, normally the beautiful Estrada da Graciosa.

The train takes about 3 to 4 hours from Curitiba to Morretes or back and crosses a beautiful park of the Atlantic Rain Forest. The railway has more than 130 years history and the train traffics slowly. It is a tour to see the nature. The train cars are from the years 1960´s.

There is only one departure time to Morretes in the morning (8:15 for the categories touristic, executive and cabin and 9:15 for the deluxe train and litorina). The return from Morretes to Curitiba is at 15:00.

There are several tours including the train ride. Check out the options here.

The railway is shared with cargo trains, that have transportation priority. The train may stop in the middle of the track or there might have delas or cancelations due to technical issues.

What are the differences in the train categories?

There are different categories and for you to choose the one that fits better your expectations and budget, we have an article and a video showing some details.

Read the article here!

The train tour package includes Antonina. How do I get there?

The train tour ends in Morretes and from there to Antonina the tour is by car, van or bus, depending on the number of persons. It is worth to visit Antonina! The landscapes of the bay are beautiful and the older houses are very well preserved.

Can I book the train tour withour lunch?

In the private tour, it is possible to take out the meal. In the regular tour, if the meal is included, it is not possible to “exclude” it. There are two regular train tours that do not include lunch, such as Sunset tourist and Sunset executive. If you have any food restriction, inform in your booking request and we will make everything that is possible to accomodate your needs.

I am vegetarian / celiac / have food restrictions. How are the meals?

Inform in your booking request about any restriction you have. we will make everything that is possible to accomodate your needs. In case it is not possible, we will inform you.

I booked the train ticket, how do I get it?

You get by e-mail an electronic ticket and you can get your tickets at the train station (Av. Affonso Camargo, 330). Arrive at least 30 minutes in advance. Print the electronic ticket previously and in case it is not possible, take note of the NÚMERO DE VENDA, so that they can find your ticket easily.

Do you pick me up at the hotel? And do you bring me back?

The tours normally include the pick up service in hotels and adresses downtown and close neighborhoods. At the end of the tour, we will bring you back. Read the tour description to check if it applies for the tour you want to book. We ask you kindly to be ready at the informed time to avoid delas. For example, if the pick up time is between 7:00 and 7:45, be ready at 7:00.

I will not be downtown or any close neighborhood. Will you pick me up too?

Please inform the adress so that we can check if the price is the same or if there are an aditional fee.

I will not be at a hotel. Do you pick me up too?

Yes, for sure. The same rules apply as for hotels: if it is downtown or close neighborhoods, no aditional fees. If it further away, inform the adress for details regarding the fee.

Do children, babies and toddlers pay?

The price for children depends on the age and varies according to the tour. You will find more information about it in each tour at “Children policy”. If you have doubts, choose the date, number of adults and children and click on “Customize tour”. Please inform the ages and we will get back to you.

Do I need document to travel with children?

It is necessary to bring original passport of the children during the tours. If you are not the father/mother/grandfather or grandmother, it is mandatory to have an official travel authorization translated into Portuguese.

Do I need to carry my passport/ id with me during the tour?

For identification purposes it is always mandatory to bring an official document with photo during the tour. It might be asked by road police or for your check-in, for example. Besides that, it is important to know your name and other information in case of accident or any emergency you might have.