Curitiba with kids: tips for your family trip

curitiba com crianças

Hello, families! Viajar com as crianças pode ser um desafio, mas também uma aventura cheia de diversão, conhecimento e boas memórias. Esse é um momento especial para sair da rotina e descobrir coisas novas com os pequenos. Mas, para que tudo corra bem e nenhum momento ou imprevisto estressante tome conta da viagem, é preciso planejamento. Principalmente em viagem com crianças. O ritmo delas precisa ser respeitado e as vontades da família inteira precisam ser equilibradas. Assim, todo mundo fica feliz! Se você vem para Curitiba com crianças, não vão faltar opções culturais, recreativas e de passeios para fazer com elas. Anote tudo e coloque na programação o que mais combina com o estilo de vocês  😀 

What you will find in this post about travel to Curitiba with kids:

  • - Curitiba with children: tours you should not miss
  • Museums that please the little ones
  • Theaters
  • Hora da Leitura!
  • For fun
  • Parques e Bosques
  • Gastronomia
  • Turismo Pedagógico e Detox Digital
  • Dicas Práticas

- Curitiba with children: tours you should not miss

It is hard to travel and not plan the tours you wish to do! Our tip is: plan ahead what you want to visit and book before arrival. The less work you have during your trip, the better.

You can count on an incoming travel agency like us of Special Paraná!We have a great team with tips for you to avoid problems during your trip. We are located in Curitiba and can help you plan everything that fits your family better.

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We work with much transparency and know that some tours are not nice to do with kids. We have listed some cool tours that please everyone in trip to Curitiba with children:

curitiba com crianças: passeio de trem para morretes
Viaduto Carvalho – um dos momentos mágicos do passeio

This is the most booked tour in Curitiba. It is very important to book ahead. In this tour you will leave Curitiba by train and will cross the mountains of Serra do Mar until Morretes. The landscapes are breathtaking! The train tour has several categories and options. But it is important to know: avoid to book return tickets. The landscape is the same and the tour is long (about 4 hours to Morretes + 4 hours back). It can get boring for kids and even for adults.

The most reccommended is the complete tour package: it includes pick up service at your hotel or central address, train ticket, regional lunch, guided visit to Morretes and Antonina and transfer back to Curitiba by van.

curitiba com crianças: camarote no trem
A categoria camarote é uma boa pedida para quem viaja com crianças

We know that there are several details in the train tour that can be confusing for you. Remember: we are here to answer your questions and handle your booking. We have here in the blog a very complete and useful post about the train tour: What you should know about the train tour to Morretes"

  • Sightseeing tour

It is the most effective way to visit Curitiba´s sightseeing places. If you travel with children, it is also the safest and most comfortable one. A private guide will be with you and the tour will happen at your pace, respecting your preferences. A great way if you are with kids, right?

We have several sightseeing tours. Besides the traditional 4-hour tour,the Sightseeing tour with Picnic can make your tour nicer. What about taking home amazing family pictures? During the Sightseeing tour with Photo essaya professional photographer will be with you and make pictures with Curitiba as background. Surely great travel memories!

curitiba com crianças - jardim botânico
Botanical Garden is one of Curitiba´s main postcards and will be the perfect scenery for your holiday pictures!
  • Campos Gerais

You will find several cool tous around Curitiba. Very close to here the are sandstones from the glacier era that will stunne everybody. We are talking about State Park of Vila Velha. It is a very cool place! If you want to have a more complete day, you can combine this tour with the Dutch Settlements. You will see one of the biggest windmills outside Holland and an open air museum with replicas of constructions from 1930´s to 1950´s.

curitiba com crianças - vila velha
As trilhas do Parque Estadual de Vila Velha são tranquilas e adequadas para a família inteira
curitiba com crianças
Memorial de Castrolanda – uma viagem à Holanda sem sair do Paraná!

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Museums that please the little ones

With kids or not, you might want to visit museums during your trip to Curitiba. Some of them are very cool for children.

The Oscar Niemeyer Museumis one of the main places in Curitiba, has several exhibitions and a wide open air area, where people use to take their pets, ride biks or simply enjoy a sunny day. To know more about exhibitions, entrance fees, opening times and more, access the site of the Museum Oscar Niemeyer.

curitiba com crianças - museu oscar niemeyer
Oscar Niemeyer Museum is popularly known as Eye Museum. Not difficult to figure out the reason, right?

In the Egyptian Museum you will have the chance to see a true mummy: the Tothmea! The museum is located in a residential area and has a wide and interesting collection. A great place with kids. For more information, site of the Egyptian Museum.

curitiba com crianças
Uma visita cheia de história para os seus pequenos

The Life Museum - "Museu da Vida" is perfect for kids! Education and fun together. Opened 2014, the museum is part of the Chilren Pastoral and honors its founder, Zilda Arns. It is an interactive space worth visting with kids. More information site of Museu da Vida. 

curitiba com crianças - museu da vida
Espaços interativos para a diversão da criançada

Some children are fascinated for airplanes. For them, a special tip: Expeditionary Museum is located in Alto da XV and has a collection about the Brazilian presence during World War II. There is a tank and an airplane in the extenal area.

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Curitiba is well known for its theaters and some of them have special program for children. It is a great opportunity to make the trip funnier and rich culturally at the same time. But attention, the plays are mostly in Portuguese.

Have you been to a puppet theater? If not, you can have your premiere here! Teatro de Bonecos Dr. Botica is located at Estação mall [Avenida 7 de Setembro, 2775 – Rebouças] and is a funny thing for all ages. The shows are visually appeling, can be educational and help to develop children´s creativity. Plays happen frequently. Check out the program in the website of Teatro Dr. Botica.The mall has stores, movies and a food court with good options.

It is impossible not to mention Teatro Guaíra.It is one of the main theaters in Curitiba and usually program. It is worth checking if there will be plays or concerts during your stay in Curitiba.

The Teatro do Piá can be a nice option in family. It is for free and located in the old town with special program for kids sundays at 11 AM. More information in the website of Fundação Cultural de Curitiba.

Hot tip! Falando em Centro Histórico, aos domingos de manhã você vai encontrar na região a tradicional feira artesanal do Largo da Ordem. Um passeio clássico de Curitiba para toda a família 😉

The blog Criança na Plateia (Child in the audience) has always updated tips of plays and special things for kids in Curitiba.


Reading time!

For children who like readind and for parents who want to encourage this habit, Biblioteca Pública do Paraná (public library) is downtown [Rua Cândido Lopes, 133]. It has about 600.000 books. There is at 11 AM and 3 PM (Monday to Friday) the "Hora do Conta" - a story telling moment. Each story is adapted and present differently - for free! For more information, see the library´s website.

For comic books fans, Gibiteca is the right place! Located at Solar do Barão [Rua Pres. Carlos Cavalcanti, 533 – Centro], Gibiteca has more than 30.000 comic books, divided into several categories. They are available to be read there and some times courses and exhibitions happen there as well. More information in the website of Fundação Cultural de Curitiba.


For fun

What about shopping and movies? A nice place is the IMAX theater, located at Palladium Mall [Av. Pres. Kennedy, 4121 – Portão]. The screen is 6x bigger than the usual ones and the sound is 4x more powerful. Check out movies and prices at the website of Palladium Mall.

More about shopping malls: Park Shopping Barigui [Rua Professor Pedro Viriato Parigot de Souza – 600 – Mossunguê] has the indoor park HotZone with more than 170 games for the entire family! Infos in HotZone website.There are other indoor parks, such as Divert Piathe Kinder Park and Mikewood,an ecological park with zip line and tree climbing.

Not to forget the most famous one: Beto Carrero!The biggest theme park in Latin America is only 200 km from Curitiba. More than 100 attractions as roller coasters, shows, zoo, Pirate Island and much more. You can book with us:

Ingresso + transfer de Curitiba [passeio compartilhado]

Ingresso + transfer de Curitiba [passeio privativo]

curitiba com crianças - beto carrero
Um passeio que agrada a todos – o Beto Carrero

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Parks and Woods

Curitiba is Brazil´s greenst city - it has more than 30 parks, located all over Curitiba. We selected some worth visiting with children:

The German Woods - "Bosque Alemão", opened 1996, it honors the German culture and traditions brought by the immigrants who came to Curitiba. There is native forest and some attractions. Hansel and Gretel trail, where it is possible to see the classic child story told in short form in tile pannels.

In the middle of the trail you will find a library specialized in children´s books. In certain times of the days, a "witch" tells stories. Not to miss if you are with children!

curitiba com crianças - o bosque alemão
Contação de histórias e jardim para brincar e correr no Bosque Alemão

In Parque São Lourenço you will find an open green area with lake where it was a factory in the past - you can still see the chimney! A place for sports, culture and spare time. There is a jogging trail, bike lane, playground and open air gym. There is "Centro de Criatividade", with a theater and courses.

The Barigui is another beloved park. Curitibanos love to enjoy here weekedns and sunny days. Great place for exercises: jogging, cycling or skating. Pets are welcome here!

The Botanical Garden was opened 1991 and is the most visited place in Curitiba. The park has 245,000 sqm and since 2008 the Sensations Garden is there too. It is a very plesant place! Great option with kids.

Curitiba has also a Zoo, located far away from downtown (Rua João Miqueletto - Alto Boqueirão), with about 2,000 animals of several species. Passeio Públicois Curitiba´s oldest park and also has some small animals and plants. It was a cool playground for kids.

We still have Bosque Reinhard Maacka different option for the little ones. The place includes an adventure trail with challanges and obstacles of different levels. The woods are fun in the middle of the nature and easy to reach.


Eating out with children in Curitiba

Many restaurants in Curitiba are ready to welcome children. Some are famous for that! We have a list here in the blog with good tips. Aproveite 😀


School tours and Digital Detox

Many people who live in Curitiba look for information here. It is great! If you are one of them, a special tip: what do you know about school tours? Does the school that your child(ren) attend have this kind of activity? See and experience things out of the school room is very important. School tours can improve several aspects of the learning process. We have several suggestions for schools. If you think about spending some time in family, away from technology, we have something special: Digital Detox. It is an opportunity to live nice family moments in a place perfect for bonding without digital distractions.

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Extra tips to enjoy Curitiba with children

We hope you liked our tips about Curitiba for your family trip and they might be useful! Here some extra tips:

  • The secret is to be patient! Some stressful moments may happen travelling with children - but remember: kids see adults as examples. If you are nervous, so they will be.
  • Share the program with the children. Before the day starts, tell the kids waht to expet. If they are part of the planning, you will stimulate their imagination and everything will be more interesting.
  • Respect some habits. It is not easy to keep a routine when travelling, but depending on the age, it is important to keep meal and sleeping times as usual.
  • Balance for everybody. We know that you want to enjoy the tour as well, but it is normal que most tours will be focused on the children´s needs. Try a balance. For example: in the morning something that you like (a museum, for instance) and in the afternoon something children will enjoy more.
  • Book the tours ahead. Booking ahead is the safest and most comfortable way. Consider private tours, as you will be able to change times and routes. A tour at your pace! Talk to our team about private tours in Curitiba and area:

Ask further information at WhatsApp!


curitiba com crianças - guia curitiba
Baixe seu guia – é grátis!

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