Incoming Travel Agency - what is it and why to hire one?


Most people in the world love to travel. Travel is one of the favorite subjects for talking and posting in social media. The source for information are many: family and friends that have travelled somewhere, magazines, TV, internet, etc. The world became small and to collect destinations is very common. Websites like are reference for most travelers and some love to help answering doubts about certain places.

Despite the popularity of traveling, many people still do not know what an incoming travel agency can do to make the trip even better. Everybody have already seen them in action and maybe did not notice. Do you know that person expecting another one with a chart at the airport? He or she was sent by an incoming travel agency to welcome the client. Or the person who picks you up for a tour or that company with a travel counter at the hotel in popular tourist destinations. They all work for incoming travel agencies.

incoming travel agency
During FIFA World Cup (2014), for example, the services of incoming travel agencies were fundamental for the success of the event.

Anyhow, what is an incoming travel agency?

The tour operators sell travel packages that include flight, hotel, transfers and tours. They have an incoming travel agency as destination partners where you are travelling to. Anyway, you can also book directly with an incoming travel agency in case you prefer to organize the trip by yourself or want more specific tours beyond the tour packages.

The incoming travel agency is a company located where you are traveling to. They live there, know how things are and will be able to give you first-hand tips. They know distances and time that is enough for each attraction, know how to schedule your visits, buy tickets to avoid lines.

Incoming travel agencies have tour guides that will show you everything, and even things that would remain unnoticed when you travel alone. They know where to eat and what you should not miss, speak your language, know the cultural differences, where to shop, and so on.

They will expect you with air condition on, will wait in case your flight is delayed and will make everything in their power to solve any issue with hotel or flight, for instance. It is like to have an old friend in the destination you are visiting, that will give you the support you might need.

incoming travel agency
Incoming travel agency is the support you need in your trip!

10 Excellent reasons to hire the services of an incoming travel agency

  • Have the knowledge of locals, who live in the destination;
  • Plan things ahead and enjoy better your stay;
  • See more in less time with a planned tour than searching by yourself;
  • Do not waste time in lines or figuring out how things word: the incoming travel agency books for you and can buy tickets before you arrive;;
  • Have someone to give you support in the destination in case of any issue;
  • Count on the help of a local specialist to book hotel, transfers, tours and whartever you might need;
  • Have a tour guide to give you valuable information and make your tour more pleasant;
  • Have access to many options of tours and other services to enjoy your stay at most and truly know the place you visit;
  • Be safe there, buying with locals and not getting in any unpredictable situation;
  • Have all comfort to enjoy your free time.

To undestand more about the role of an incoming travel agency in your trip watch the news about us as incoming travel agency at a popular Brazilian news about small, but great companies:

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incoming travel agency
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