Our clients are our greatest asset and we are very keen that they leave our destination with a good experience. See below some opinions of our clients and some reports in the international and nacional press. You can also read about us on TripAdvisor – we have the Certificate of Excellence!





→ We loved the train tour, everything was very organizedMarisa from Brazil (May 2017).

→ I would like to congratulate the guide Raquel for the excellent work and the information provided. She was very friendly! Grasiele from Brazil (May 2017).

→ One of the strengths of the company is the punctuality and friendliness of its team. Karen from Brazil (May 2017).


→ The guide Daniel contributed to the success of the tour. We learned and enjoyed a lot! Very kind, polite and knowledgeable about the history and the places visited. Rosa from Brazil (May 2017).

The service was wonderful. Luana was very enlightening and helpful. I am very satisfied! Margarete from Brazil (May 2017).

→ The agent that answered me was very patient. She explains and clarifies all the doubts. I loved the attendance by LuanaAnne from Brazil (May 2017).

→ Wonderful tour, great guidesRose from Brazil (May 2017).

Service very well done. Guide Babete has experience and good informations. She is also very friendly. Comfortable car, personalized script. Adriana from Brazil (May 2017).


Everything was perfect– the schedule ran like clockwork and all the guides were excellent- very friendly and helpful. Andrew from United Kingdom (May 2017).

Courtesy, honesty and prompt service to answer questions at the time of hiring services. José from Brazil (May 2017).

I received help even before the trip, with all the doubts I had, by WhatsApp and e-mail. The train guides were very friendly, solicitous and detailed at all the time. Andréa from Brazil (May 2017).


The attendance was perfect, since the first contact with Bibiana. Very kind and helpful, she provided a great service. Maria de Lourdes from Brazil (April 2017)

→ The attendant of the van driver was great (Jorge) and also the tour guide (Beatriz). Congratulations! Elisângela from Brazil (April 2017).


→ Great service! Doubts cleared quickly. Attention and courtesy with the client. I strongly recommend Special Paraná. Gleinir from Brazil (April 2017).

Professional, 100%. Lindoberto from Brazil (April 2017).

→ The team are very good. Luana was very helpful, always taking away the doubts quickly and accurately. The guide was amazing too. Very helpful and with a lot of knowledge. Exceeded my expectations. Dione from Brazil (April 2017).

Excellent service. Luciano from Brazil (April 2017).




→ The tour was very nice, different of all I already had seen. The landscapes are beautiful – Morretes it’s very hot… rs… but this is not a fault, because the city is very pretty too. Your assistance was 10! I will indicate for our friends for sure! Shahine from São Paulo (April 2017).

→ Grade 10! I am very pleased and I will recommend it. Friendly and helpful staff. It was very practical to book the tours with Special Paraná. The tour happened as agreed. Everything great. Thank you! Maria Augusta from Curitiba (April 2017).

→ My family and I loved the tour. It was amazing and the guide during the train tour was very friendly. What I like the most was the train. But walk for Morretes and Antonina was very nice too. I already indicated for my friends. Grade 10 for Special Paraná! Natieli from São Paulo (April 2017).














































The tour was great!! For us it was 10!! We had the necessary support during the tour and we loved the places we visited and the team who worked in this day! By the away, we want to thank the dedication of the driver and the guide, because we had an unexpected situation (my husband lost his wedding ring at the van) and they helped us to find at the rail station and mobilized people to help us. At the end of the tour they found our ring! Thanks for everything! Luciana and Pedro from Brazil (July 2016).

Screenshot_2016-07-12-10-27-50 → WhatsApp chat. Alice from Brazil. (July 2016).











Screenshot_2016-07-12-10-27-18→ WhatsApp chat. Miriam from Brazil. (July 2016).























2016-06-19-PHOTO-00000139→ Everything was wonderful. The guide Babete was fantastic and we came home loving Curitiba and wishing come back soon – even for living! We also want to thank very much all the dedication, professionalism, effort and the competence of the guide who made us feel like her family. Thank you! Orivaldo and Silvia from Brazil (June 2016).













→ The train tour was wonderful! The experience of the ride, the sights and the beautiful cities helped 100% for a great tour. The “barreado” is very tasty and the ideia to come back by van was very good – it is less tiring. I enjoyed a lot. The “Ilha do Mel (Honey Island) is amazing, the people are very friendlies and the lunch – my God! – great and very cheap. Our cuisine is extremely rich and I was delighted with yours too. I can’t finish without talk about the nice guide and the amazing customer service! Thank you so much for the enjoyable stay in Curitiba and with sure I will come back for others tours! Vanessa from Brazil (April de 2016).



I loved the Special Paraná’s service. We did the Wine Route and was amazing. Thanks also to our guide Babete who was kind and helpfull all the time. Highly recommend!! Suéli from Brazil (April 2016).


35d392c8658922da402906bfd406add5→ Eugenio is wonderful – he did and excellent job showing us around his city and area. He was always very thoughtful and informative. He took care of us like family. We recommend him highly – in fact the highest! Gary and Sharon from USA (April 2016).












clientes-special-paraná→ I just want to leave a high recommendation for our guide Amanda, who took my three teenage children and me on a 4 hr tour of Curitiba. She is very knowledgeable of everything from history of the historical city area to an overal knowledge of the entire city and surrounds. She spoke english and Portuguese and was extremely accommodating of my needs, as I have just recently had surgery and couldnt do as much, and that of 15, 17 and 19 year olds. Thank you Amanda and best wishes for all your amazing good projects you have started in the city in the area of sustainability and permaculture. Adrienne from Australia (April 2016).







→ I really liked the tours and the guide. There was a problem in the schedule guide which delayed a little the tour, but the guide was quickly replaced, by the way, an excellent guide as a substitute. Giana from Brazil (Março 2016).

→ trip-março-6

→ Excellent stay at Ilha do Mel, a very pleasant island. Perfect organization by Luci (guide), who gave us excellent advices. The guesthouse was very comfortable and well located, in a quiet corner of the island. Carlos and Sue are also very nice. Thanks for everything, we wll come back! Dimitri and Marie Laure from France (March 2016).

 I really want to thank you immensely! You sent for me a wonderful angel called Babete who showed to us Curitiba and made our trip very special! I will recommend you to many friends. Maridete from Brazil (March 2016).

→ trip-trem-de-luxo

→ You can be very proud to have such a fantastic guide. I will not evaluate her, because people must enjoy her service to understand. I know that in 3 days you can not see everything, but I saw more than I could possibly imagine. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart. Karl from Austria (March 2016).




→ trip-março-2-inglês

→ trip-março-2016



→ I write to thank you for sending Thomas to be my tourguide today. What a splendid time it was! He is knowledgeable and enthusiastic – and an absolutely delightful human being. The overview of Curitiba I got on this tour was wonderful, and this beautiful and fascinating city would be well worth revisiting someday! Peter from USA, (Fev. 2016).

→ Everything was great, our guide Vivian was very helpful and kind with us. We enjoyed the trip a lot, one of the most beautiful places we already seen. We give 10 to Special Paraná and we will indicate to our friends. Thanks for everything! Diogo from Brazil (Fev. 2016).

→ In the deluxe train we stayed with the guide Marcos. Very kind, helpful, with much knowledge of the script and the local history, and also with a good mood. The sparkling wine and breakfast was also very good. It was the best tour we did in Curitiba. We returned to Rio de Janeiro speaaking very well of the agency, guides and tour.  Anderson from Brazil (Fev. 2016).


I would like to thank the service provided by the Special Paraná and the consideration and dedication of the guide Babete Mannich by the attention with my parents during the trip. They loved the tours. Thank you! Fabíola from Brazil (Jan. 2016).


→ The guide was very nice, thoughtful and professional. The city and its surroundings are very beautiful and pleasant. Marta from Brazil (Jan. 2016).


→ The guide was a very patient and human and could haddle well aged clients and had a great relationship with us. Adroaldo and Leda from Brazil (Jan. 2016).


→ The person who answered our e-mails – Bibiana – helped us a lot. Thank you. Paulo from Brazil (Jan. 2016).


We loved the train tour and the paradise of Superagui!!! Everything was beautiful! Henriqueta from Brazil (Jan. 2016).

The city tour was spectacular, Babete was adorable too, an amazing person. I would like to thank you for the excellent service and I will say to my friends that when they go to Curitiba they should look for you. Mariana from Uruguai (Jan. 2016).


Excellent, everything was ok, grat guide. Fabiano from Brazil (Jan. 2016).

→ Even with rain we liked a lot. I want to return and take the tour again in the deluxe train… I appreciated the attentive service of this agency. Viviani from Brazil (Jan. 2016). 

→ I enjoyed the tour, but climatic factors didn’t help me to have good pictures of the interesting points along the way! I loved Curitiba and I intend to return as soon as possible and who knows I will not return to do the tour to enjoy the scenery! Valdirene from Brazil (Jan. 2016).

I really LOVED the tour. I was very well taken care of by Mauro (driver) and by the guide Tatiana. I must really say thank you. Thank you very much for making my day a very happy one. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! Katia from Brazil (Dec. 2015).

I was very thankful, because I had an injured food and they organized a golf cart to tranport me around the park. Without it it would have been impossible to see everything. Thank you very much. Suzana from Brazil (Dec. 2015).

With all our thankful greetings. Alain and Denise from Switzerland (Dec. 2015).

→ Very sincere and passionate in her job. We enjoyed the guide very much. Cowei family from USA (Dec. 2015).

Excellent quality service!!! Since the information given by Janaína, with whom I had contact by e-mail to book the tours for my parentes, always very helpful and friendly. Regarding the service on spot of the guide Amanda, it was also very good!! My parents simply LOVED the trip and came back talking how wonderful it was!! Antonio Carlos from Brazil (Dec. 2015).

→ Loved it and Vivian is an amazing tour guide. Hotel very friendly and helpful. Train – excellent. Lunch – good to eat cultural food, great experience. Cary and Sindy from South Africa (Dec. 2015).

I liked very much, was quite comfortable and the service was very good, by phone and personally. Congrats to all. Osiander from Brazil (Dec. 2015).

I was surprised by the excellent service given by Janaína. My flight was cancelled and I thought I would loose my day, but I was promptly answered. What to say about our guide Babete? I felt very comfortable, what a professional guide! At the end of the tour I considered her a friend and I am sure we will never forget her. Small details that make a difference. We were very tired, my wife and I, and she gently persuaded us to make all the tours and did not let us miss any detail. Vinicius from Brazil (Nov. 2015).


Very helpful team. Carlos Alberto from Brazil (Nov. 2015).

→ My first contact was with Bibiana, very helpful and friendly. Marcia from Brazil (Nov. 2015).


→ When Vivian picked us up at the aiport she didn´t know I had just broken my ankle. She took charge immediately, taking us to Hospital XV where I was treated and released in one hour! Then we began our tour of Curitiba, and for the next 2 ½ days, Vivian was both a tour guide and a health-care provider for us, guiding us through all we nneded to do to get back home. We saw many wonderful sights, but did not get on the train tour – our choice. Vivian also took us to a wonderful lunch in the Italian area of restaurants. If we had not been lucky enough to have Vivian at that time, we would not have been able to accomplish as much as we did! She is knowledgeable, smart and very helpful! We reccomend Vivian highly! Thank you. Deborah and Larry from USA (Nov. 2015).

Very skilled staff!!! Francesco and Cinzia from Italy (Oct. 2015).


→ The staff was on time and very friendly service. Lucas from Brazil (Oct. 2015).

Very nice service to book the tours in Curitiba. Rafael from Brazil (Oct. 2015).

→ I liked the guides, always on time, and the quality of the vans. Cláudia from Brazil (Oct. 2015).

→ Lotar was an excellent and friendly guide. Very relaxed. We had a great tour to Morretes and lovey lunch and an enjoyable, chatty ride back, in the car. He also got us to the bus station and helpfully got us onto the bus to Florianópolis. Bibiana was incredibly helpful when planning our tour, with very specific travel arrangements and she was very patient when answering all my questions and replied promptly. Thank you! Eleanor from UK (Oct. 2015).

The service was very efficient – congratulations! Randal from USA (Oct. 2015).

Helpful people, polite and let us feel at ease. Celso from Brazil (Sep. 2015).


→ The service was excellent. Very fast and friendly. I liked it and reccomend it! Fernanda from Brazil (Sep. 2015).


→ Amanda was a very knowledgable tour guide. She was always positive and we enjoyed our tours with her. Alana from USA (Aug. 2015).

→ Our guide, Lotar, is excellent and gives amazing services. Reccommended 100%. Daniel from Paraguay (Aug. 2015).

→ Very nice guide with good humor. Simply fantastic. Very flexible. Johannes from Switzerland (Aug. 2015).

→ I had a perfect, well organized, friendly and warm-hearted, interesting and well-informed guide. She took care of me and made me feel very well. I can reccommend her highly and wish her al the best!!! Frauke from Germany (Aug. 2015).

→ Silvia is adorable. Very interesting and curious. Pellet from France (August 15).

→ The service of Special Paraná was very good!!! I was very pleased by their attention and fast answer to our tour request and mainly the efficient service. I already reccommend Special Paraná to all that I know that intend to visit this wonderful city!!! If I had to give a score, it would be 1000!!! I can only wish that you keep up like this, as we always want to repeat our trips. Christiany from Brazil (Aug. 2015).

The service was great, very helpful person, gave me all needed information and answered all my questions. Andreia from Brazil (Aug. 2015).

→ Eugênio was a fantastic guide. He was very attentive and was able to converse freely about all aspects of Curitiba and about Brazil in general. We found him very engaging. We had  a nice time with him! Sook from Korea (Jul. 2015).


Curitiba is an amazing city, just like our tourguide Silvia. Hopefully we can come back soon. Lin from Taiwan (June 2015).


→ I want to congratulate for your employee Ana Maria. She was always very present, helpful, understanding and dedicated to our group. Thank you very much. Julia from Brazil (May 2015).

Always fast answers. That was a reason to book with you. I wrote to other companies and you were the last one, but the first to answer. That was fundamental to book with you. Cleidiane from Brazil (May 2015).

→ We liked the organization, punctuality, friendliness and the cultural background of the tour guide that was with us. Fukuhide from Brazil (May 2015).


I would like to thank you for the excellent work done. Withour your services the trip would not have been great. City of Johannesburg Taxi Association from South Africa (May 2015).


The service was precise and kind. I reccommend it. Guilherme from Brazil (April 2015).

→ Vivian was outstanding!! An experienced professional who shared a lot with us. 5 stars!! Tupper from USA (March 2015).

→ Comfort to have the transportation starting from the hotel. Attention to the clients. Guide with excellent explanations. Marcus from Brazil (March 2015).

→ Cool, that we had such a frendly guide who spoke German. Christian and Tobias from Germany (March 2015).

→ Babete was excellent. She did everything that was possible. Thanks. Imke from Germany (March 2015).

I want to congratulate especially the tour guide, that presented us the curiosities and history in an attractive and good-humored way. Karina from Brazil (March 2015).

→ We had excellent service despite the rainy day in Curitiba. We spent an excellent afternoon in a tour along beautiful places with the kind service of our guide Babete. Pedro from Brazil (Feb. 2015).


→ Everything went exactly as planned. On time, friendly, safe, knowleadgeable. Vincent from USA (Jan. 2015).




Very nice service by phone and by e-mail. Congrats and thanks you! Eluisa from Brazil (Dec. 2014).

Everything was perfect, excellent. Thanks. Roger and Ginethe from Switzerland (Dec. 2014).


We had a fantastic time. It was the perfect way to start our Holiday. Thank you Eugênio! James and Claire from USA (Sep. 2014).