Deluxe train tour in Curitiba

The only deluxe train in Brazil takes its passengers to an amazing experience through the Serra do Mar mountain range. Great Brazil Express has only two cars: “Foz” – reminds of the Iguassu Falls and “Copacabana” (22 seats each) – a very exclusive ambiance. The decoration reminds of the Golden times of the railways, when travelling used to be exclusive in the 1st class train cars. The train tour from Curitiba to Morretes in this category is unique, from the ambiance to the service.


Departure point in Curitiba. Photo: Special Paraná

Deluxe train: an outstading experience from the begining to the end

Right after boarding, the staff will offer a glass of sparkling wine. They will also tell the history and curiosities about the railway and the region and will point out the most interesting places for those who want to take pictures or film. The staff speaks Portuguese and English.

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Breakfast on board fits perfectly the ambiance. Trays with a delicious cheese/ham croissant,  butter roll, butter, jelly, lemon pie and beverages round up the menu, that can vary without previous notice.



Inside the train and the breakfast during the ride. Photos: Special Paraná

The train tour lasts about 3,5 hours and crosses the largest Atlantic Rain Forest preserved area in Brazil in a railway with more than 130 years of history. You will cross several tunnels and view points where you can see waterfalls and a river and other attractions pointed by the staff. We will get off at one of them, the Cadeado Chapel, built in honor of the Mary Holy of Rocio, patroness of Paraná Estate. A 15-minutes stop close to the nature with great views! Passengers can also visit the train conductor. In groups of max. 4 people it is possible to see the railway very closely and have opportunity for great and fun pictures.



Serra do Mar mountain range and the Cadeado Chapel. Photos: Special Paraná

After arriving in Morretes, the tour goes on. For lunch, try the typical “barreado”, almost mandatory for visitors in Morretes. This local specialty is a delicious beef stew served with cassava flour and bananas! The lunch also includes fish, spraws, rice, salad and much more. Morretes is also famous its history, for the banana candy, traditional “cachaça” – sugar cane spirit and beautiful and quiet landscapes around.



Morretes and the typical lunch: barreado! Photos: Special Paraná

How to book the Deluxe Train?

The Great Brazil Express departs almost every day from Curitiba, starting at 9:15 – talk with our team to confirm! It is a beloved tour by locals and tourists from all over the world! Don’t forget: it’s better book in advance because there are only 22 seats each car!

The complete tour package also includes a visit the picturesque Antonina, from where you will have great views from the bay with the Serra do Mar mountain range. A tour from the mountails to the sea – simply unforgettable!



Antonina and great views from the bay. Photos: Special Paraná

NEW: Litorina Curitiba

Besides the deluxe train cars “Foz” and “Copacabana” with its vintage ambiance, there is a new car for this famous tour: the “Litorina Curitiba”, with a more modern inside decoration, inspired by two importante symbols of Paraná State: the mate-tea and pinhão (seed of the Araucária tree). With total capacity of 40 persons, the decoration´s style is more modern, with velvet seats and wooden floor and in the ceiling you can recognized the embroided“ pinhão”. The service on board includes breakfast, beverages and Portuguese/English guide. Attention: this car is not working at the moment!

Despite the more expensive prices, the Litorina Curitiba and the Deluxe train are worthwhile regarding the offered comfort and service. Book your our in advance, as there are only few seats and this tour is very beloved!

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