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Trip to Curitiba: know the 10 most visited places


Curitiba has many options for tourists and for locals. Thinking about that, we have made a list with the 10 most visited places in Curitiba. que são paradas obrigatórias para quem quer aproveitar e conhecer melhor o turismo em Curitiba 😀

In this post you will find:

  • Information about the main sightseeing places in Curitiba
  • know the most visited places
  • discober other special places you might visit as well


Tour in Curitiba: 10 places you should not miss

jardim botânico

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1. Botanical Garden

Free entrance.

Impossible to visit Curitiba and not see the most famous postcard in town. The Botanical Garden is a mandatory place for visitors who want to visit the most beautiful places of the city. Founded 1991, the Botanical Garden of Curitiba is a protected area and has many different plants. The famous wintergarden is made of iron and glass and was inspired by the former Crystal Palace in London. The manicured gardens have French inspiration and macht perfectly! The total area is 178,000 sqm and is one of the biggest Botanical Gardens in Brazil.

Other place in Botanical Garden that attracts many people is the Sensations Garden. Visitors experience direct contact to different textures, forms and smells. A nice experience especially for children.

turismo em curitiba

Opening time of the Botanical Garden:

Daily from 6 AM to 8 PM in Summer and from 6 M to 7:30 PM in Winter.

Opening time of the Sensations Garden:

Tuesday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Visit can be unavailable in case of rain or climate issues.

turismo em curitiba

2. Wire Opera House

Entrance fee: R$ 10

The Wire Opera House, a project by the architect Domingos Bogestabs, was opened 1992. The place was built in only 75 days! It did not take long for it to become one of the best event locations and most visited places in Curitiba. The Wire Opera House was bult in a former quarry. The lake and the high walls impress visitors.

Recently, the place became more special. Since 2018 there is live music on a floating stage in the lake. You can listen to good music and enjoy a snack or fast meal on spot.

You can see more about the restaurante and concerts happening there in the website of the Wire Opera House.

turismo em curitiba

Opening time of the Wire Opera House:

Daily from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Live music times:

Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Opening time of the restaurant Ópera Arte:

Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM.

3. Tanguá Park

Free entrance.

One of the most beautiful parks in Curitiba! It was opened 1996 to protect the waters of the Barigui river. Located in a former quarry, it has beautiful gardens, barbeque areas, lakes and an artificial waterfall, besides a deck with views of the region. If possible, visit it by sunset!

Opening time:

Daily from 8AM to 6PM.

turismo em curitiba

4. Oscar Niemeyer Museum

Free entrance in the outside area. Check prices to visit the exhibitions in the museum´s website

As you want to know more about Curitiba, you should not miss the visit to our dear Oscar Niemeyer Museum, dearly called also "Eye Museum". If you are short of time, see at least the external area. Opened 2002, the project is by the renownwed architect Oscar Niemeyer. It was selected as one of the most beautiful museums in the world!

A arquitetura por si só já é um grande atrativo, mas se você tiver tempo, não deixe de visitar as exposições. São 12 salas expositivas -- o maior museu de arte na América Latina. Se você quer deixar a visita ainda mais especial, faça uma parada no MON Café que oferece um delicioso cardápio de bebidas e lanches.

Pet owners use to spend time in the park behind the museum. What about to plan a picnic here?

Opening times of the museum:

Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM.

5. Pope´s Woods

Free entrance.

Right next to MON (Oscar Niemeyer Museum), you will find another nice place of Curitiba. Opened 1980, the Pope´s Woods honor the Polish immigrants and the visit of the former pope John Paul II. You will see there seven typical houses rebuilt like a small village. The houses are original from the time of the first settlers, who arrived here around 1878 and were rebuil here. If you like handcrafts, take a look at the pessankas (typical eggs).

Opening time:

Daily from 8AM to 6PM (houses closed mondays).

6. Tingui Park

Free entrance.

Just lime Tanguá Park, Tingui Park was projected to protect the wateres of Barigui River. You will see there the Ukranian Memorial as well. It is in a replica of a wooden orthodox church that is located in Mallet, in Paraná´s countryside. The place hosts exhibitions about Ukraine and also about the "pysankas" - beautifully decorated ukranian eggs.

Besides the memorial, you will see bike lanes and large green areas and lake. Capybaras live freely in the park! A perfect place for those making a tour in Curitiba for a good picnic or walk in the nature.

Opening time:

The park is open daily. The Ukranian Memorial opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM.

7. Barigui Park

Free entrance.

One of most beloved parks in Curitiba and widely visited by locals. It is the right meeting point for everybody in sunny weekends! Most people come here for sports. Barigui park is the right spot for jogging, cycling, skating and so on.

If you just want to relax and enjoy your trip in Curitiba, the park has a great structure. You can have a picnic or have a cold beer in one of the bars around there. There are barbeque places as well. Just in front of Barigui park is located the Automobile Museum..

Ah, as famosas Capivaras também adoram o Parque Barigui! 😀

Opening time:

The park opens 24/7.


8. Panoramic Tower

Entrance fee: R$ 6,00

With about 109 m height, the Panoramic Tower has a 360 degrees view of Curitiba. It is beautiful in sunny days! It was opened 1991 and is the only telephone tower in the country open for visitors.

Extra tip! If you like vistas, see also the Restaurant Terrazza 40 or the Confeitaria Curitibana, just next to the restaurant. Both are delicious and have a panoramic view of Curitiba.

Opening time of the Panoramic Tower in Curitiba:

Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM to 7 PM.

turismo em curitiba

9. German Woods

Free entrance.

Another place in honor to immigrants in Curitiba. As the name suggests, German Woods is for the community who came from Germany to Curitiba. It is a beautiful place in the middle of a mansion neighborhood.

Besides the native forest, German Woods have other attractions. The main one is Hansel and Gretel trail. A great place to go with kids. There is also a library with children books known as "Witch house", where storytellers dressed as witches tell stories during certain times. In the upper part you will the Philosophers Tower, with nice views to Curitiba.

Opening time:

Daily from 6 AM to 8 PM. Library from 9 AM to 5 PM. Storytelling saturdays, sundays and holidays at 11 AM, 2 PM and 4 PM.

10. Unilivre

Free entrance.

One of the most surprising hidden gems in Curitiba! Unilivre is not one of the most known, but worth visiting! It was built with former electricity poles and is surrounded by native woods, built in a former quarry.

Unilivre was founded 1991 and hosts activities about environmental education, research and studies.

Opening time:

Daily from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Most booked tours in Curitiba

There are many nice tours in Curitiba, but the best way to see the places mentioned before is during a Sightseeing tourThe private tours allow you to see the best places in Curitiba with a tour guide. When you book this tour you might change it according to the places you want to see, as it is exclusive for you. And it is not expensive!

We have several sightseeing tours. The most booked one is 4 hour long and can be done in the morning or in the afternoonIf you want to see as much as possible, check out Full day sightseeing tour. -- são 9 horas de passeio.

Full day tour in Curitiba

See also other sightseeing tours in Curitiba here.You will see tours with photo essay or picnic! You can also contact our team at WhatsApp to know more about the tours:

Contact our team at WhatsApp

Other beloved tour options is the famous train tour to Morretes . People from all over the world come to Curitiba to see this railroad. You will see beautiful landscapes of Serra do Mar and have an unique experience. We tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about this tour here in the blog as well 😉

passeio de trem para morretes

When planing your trip to Curitiba, include the sightseeing tour and the train tour in your plans! But remember: there is much more to do in our region. Think about spending some days more here. It wil surely be worth!

More places to enjoy your trip to Curitiba

When we visit some place for the first time, it is normal to include only the highlights. If you wish to go beyond the beaten tracks and see special places, the tour Curitiba´s Hidden Gems is for you.

This cool tour includes interesting places that are not so visited by tourists, like the Holocaust Museum, Solar do Barão, Schönstatt Sanctuary, Egyptian Museum, Santa Maria Chapel and much more.

Ao fim do passeio você poderá experimentar uma especialidade de Curitiba: a “Carne de Onça”. Mas pode comer sem medo -- não é de nenhum animal ameaçado de extinção. Assista o vídeo a seguir para saber mais sobre o passeio e esse curioso prato típico!

Curitiba´s Hidden Gems

And if you like to visit the historical part of the cities you travel to, Largo da Ordem is not to be missed! The historical downtown area of Curitiba is quite interesting. If you are here in a Sunday morning, you will see the handcrafts markt, that goes from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Gostou de saber mais sobre o turismo em Curitiba? Espero ver você por aqui em breve! Se você precisar de ajudar para reservar os seus passeios em Curitiba e região fale com a equipe da Special Paraná pelo Whatsapp 😉

Contact our team at WhatsApp


guia de curitiba

We are not responsible for the opening times and changes in the information above. Please confirm them before leaving.

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